My Philosophy Statement:
To promote positive attitudes towards physical activity and healthy living through movement, with emphasis placed on self-improvement, cooperation, and sportsmanship.


Mr. Knauer’s Schedule 15-16


7:30-8:25              Office hours

8:25-8:50              5B- Mrs. Benson

8:50-9:15              5A-Mrs. Albrecht

9:15-9:40              3R- Mrs. Reese

9:40-10:05            3S-Mrs. Schafer

10:05-10:30          1S- Mrs. Steele

10:32-10:57           1B-Mrs. Byrne

10:57-11:22            4W-Mrs. Walters

11:22-12:00            Lunch

12:00-12:25           2P- Mrs. Priegel

12:25-12:50           2L- Mrs. Lawson

12:50-1:05              PREP

1:05-1:30                4F- Mrs. Fry

1:30-1:50                PREP

1:50-2:15                KW- Mrs. Wurster

2:15-2:40                KK- Mrs. Kelzer

2:40-3:15          Office Hours/Coaching Duties

Coaching Websites



Greater Elizabeth Arts and Recreation

Jo Daviess/Stephenson County Youth Baseball