We put our pride in making the visit to Iceland to be unforgettable. If they are interested in sightseeing, night life, outdoor atcivities or in general take a day or two off while in Iceland to relax and enjoy what we have to offer. We will make sure everyone leaves happy.

With RR being one of the oldest and most experienced Promoters in Iceland having promoted from small scale to largest concerts you are certain to be in co-operation with highest grade professionals.

Whatever your requirements are we will do our utmost to make certain you get what you want or need. Please visit our Services and Specialities pages for further and more extensive information.

Our Experience Shows!

We have arranged for and promoted many of music industries biggest names that have visited Iceland. We have promoted concerts in most of the Venues in Reykjavik - indoors and outdoors - large and small.

Our biggest gig so far was the sold out Metallica Concert in Egilsholl Venue where a staggering 18,000 people (about 5,6% of total Iceland population) attended making the concert the biggest in Iceland history. Everything was big at the Metallica concert - biggest attendance, biggest stage, biggest PA system and also the biggest lighting rig.

In safe hands with RR!