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About Robert

Below is a recommendation letter composed by one of Robert's previous leaders:
Robert Pannell developed his leadership skills while working as manager in the airline industry. This industry presents many challenges as there seems to be some sort of turbulence every day. Realizing on-time goals is especially challenging. It is usually a balancing act that relies on a leader's ability to coordinate several contract services in conjunction with his own employees' performance keeping an ever watchful eye toward the customer's experience. At times, decisions have to be made that are good for a large number of customers but negative toward a few others. These decisions have to be managed delicately, in a way that help the negatively impacted customers feel they had been served well: with compassion and understanding; offering options that make the customers appreciate the way they are being managed; and potentially turning a negative situation into a positive customer experience. 
        Leading appears to come naturally to Robert, but it really is a culmination of his individual learning curve. Robert learned his lessons early on and took each one to heart. He learned quickly that a leader is nothing without his or her team. Being an effective listener is essential to his success. His compassion is evident to his team, and they appreciate that quality in him. Being able to rally his team around him during challenging situations allows him to excel as a leader. Robert has an uncanny ability to convince his team to go above and beyond. He leads by example and maintains a strong leadership presence in the operation.  He delegates effectively and spends time developing his subordinates into leaders, encouraging them to make decisions and backing them in most cases. His goal is to make his team run effectively even when he was not present. Robert also encourages feedback from his team and is very adept at maintaining composure during some of the most tense situations. His employees call him "the calm within the storm," appreciative that he is the leader present during turbulent times. 
        Robert has obtained his MBA from North Carolina State University with a dual concentration in management consulting and supply chain management. Robert also has obtained his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute. This degree and subsequent certification nicely round out Robert's management skills and when combined with his extensive leadership experience make Mr. Pannell an excellent candidate for any organization looking to add a significant leadership asset onto their management team.

Pat Tallman - Retired GM Continental Airlines