During my 20 year tenure in operations management, I experienced many situations that have tested my leadership abilities. Working in a highly regulated, volatile industry that was both time sensitive and customer oriented offered a myriad of challenges and opportunities to develop my management tool-kit. I decided to step back and take stock of my experiences. As I looked back on them, I found that my knowledge of certain topics was critical to my success as a leader. 
I have taken those topics and researched base theories that underlie the decisions I made and have developed training material that my fellow leaders can use to enhance their skill-set. I have explained the relevant theories, basing my information on peer-reviewed sources, offering relevant insight into each topic. I have found exercises that can help leaders ingest and understand each topic and have embedded them into this website. I have also developed PowerPoint presentations that can guide would-be trainers in presenting this material to leaders as a class.   
This is a work in development; as I research new topics, I intend to add them to the available training topics.
I encourage other leaders to review this material and determine its relevance to their particular industries. I look forward to any feedback generated by these topics.
Name      :Robert Pannell
E-mail    :Robert.Pannell70@gmail.com   

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Robert Pannell,
Oct 19, 2015, 9:58 AM