Royal Papua and New Guinea Constabulary

1951 Farewell to Tom GOUGH

  B/R L/R  Murray McNAUGHT, Max CORLIS, Vern McNEIL, Richard WARD, Tom EAST,  Peter HARBECKk, Peter BROMAN.


           F/R L/R  Arthur RACKEMANN, Sandy SINCLAIR , Tom GOUGH,John Spillard Grimshaw, Paddy LARKIN, Jack SWEENEY, Jack BUTLER.

Grimshaw was Commissioner of the Royal Papuan Constabulary and New Guinea Police Force 1947-1954


 J S. GRIMSHAW (C,O,P) Award to Police Marching band

Tom Gough and Arthur Rackemann
coming out of
Douglas St  High court Port Moresby

RPNGC officers outside the Port Moresby Police Station,1949
 Officer in front: Jim Dutton. Standing L-R: Len Rahaley, Mick Gallen
 Tom Gough, Dave Crawley, Murray McNaught, John Sweeney.

Supt Grimshaw with Constabulary band ANZAC 1950

Commissioner  Chris Normoyle presents 10 year service Star to

Police Constable at Kila barracks   26th August 1964

 Supt Bill Dix receiving medal from C.O.P Chris Normoyle 1959

Governor General Lord De Lisle
inspecting police at Rabaul Queen Elizabeth Park
with Fred Towner and Mick Gallen
senior NCO Sgt Major Apur

Jim Sunter on path leading to signalmen's quarters Port Moresby 1949
Sub Insp Brian Crane Lae 1955

Dogura Cathedral The Rev David Hand with
the Administrator Col J K Murray
with Sub Insp John Sweeney June 1949 

The Great Cathedral of New Guinea, built by brown hands.
A witness to the power of Christ to transform human lives.

Patrick Larkin George Prosser and Kevin Mahon
at Lae Police Station 1948
Sub Insp Tom Upson Wau 1950

Insp George Allen and Sun Insp Arthur Tanner
Port Moresby 1960 

Jack Carroll and Ron Clammer

rear of old Police Station Rabaul 1957 

Sub Inspector John Dench & Sgt Major Arek
Inspecting Squad at Kila Police Barracks 1955
Arthur Rackemann  with Secretary Wanda Jones Rabaul 1956

Kila Barracks Guard Commander Sub Insp John Dench with Chris Normoyle inspecting Guard 1964
Sub Insp Barrie Baxter at Bomana Police
1963 getting instructions from a local Constable with a wealth of history who was a one of the coronation contingent of 1953


Swearing in ceremony of Brigadier DM Clealand
at Red Cross Hall Ela Beach 1953 Insp James Dutton taking salute,
DM Clealand and Commissioner J S Grimshaw

Sub Inspector Clem Henney and Michael Elliot escorting
Sir Donald Cleland to ANZAC day function 1963

Supt Jack Carroll examines weapons seized from Tolai riots 10th September 1950, Tom McCall and Roy Monaghan look on. Rabaul Police Station


 Recruit selection Kila Barracks 1963
Insp, Jack Butler and Supt Brian Holloway
and Clerk from Police HQ

Rabaul Police Station 1960
A Emery, B Reynolds, B Chape, F Towner, M Garner.
F Craig ,Max Kroll, R Bradley,J Molders, E Young.

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