Questions and Answers about the Library

How do I get a library card?
All residents and property owners in the Town of Roanoke is eligible for a card.  Non-residents of the Town of Roanoke may obtain a library card for an annual fee of $48. If you are a student at Roanoke Elementary School, see Principal Roth for a paper to fill out for a free card if you don't live in the town of Roanoke.
How long can I keep a book?
Books and other print materials are loaned for 21 days. Audio books and audio tapes are also loaned for 21 days.
Do you have other stuff to check out besides books?
The library has magazines, music CDs, audio books,books with tapes,VHS video tapes,and DVDs.
How long can I keep a movie?
DVD and VHS tapes are loaned for one week.
What happens if my stuff is overdue?
Fines are assessed for items held beyond their due date-  $.25 a day for book, other print materials, audiobooks, audio tapes, DVDs and VHS tapes.
Can I put a hold on a book that is checked out to someone else?
You may place a checked out book on hold for you to be contacted when it is returned.
Does the library have any computer connected to the Internet that I can use?
The Roanoke Public Library has 6 computers that are open to the public. All are connected to the Internet.
Do I have to have a card to use the computers?
No, you only have to sign in on the computer. If you are under 18 years of age you must have your parent/guardian sign a RPL Parental Consent Form Computer & Internet.
Can I print things from the library's computers?
Printing from the computers is available at $.10 a page for black & white and $.30 a page for color.
Can I play my wireless game or use my wireless laptop in the library?
Yes, the Roanoke Public Library is a FREE wireless Internet hub.
Can I make copies in the library?
A copy machine is available and copies can be made at $.10 a page for single side; $.15 for double-sided; $.15 for legal size; $.25 for double-sided legal size; $.20 a page for single side 11 1/2" x 16" and $.30 a page for double-sided 11 1/2" x 16".
Can I send a fax?
The library staff will fax your papers at $1.00 per connected fax number for the first 5 pages and $.25 each for page 6 and beyond. The library can also receive your faxes for the same pricing as sending a fax.
Can I scan things into a computer at the library?
The library staff can assist you in scanning pages, pictures or other printed materials. These items can then be printed or sent to an email address.
Can I use my flash drive at the library?
Yes, policy allows the use of flash drives. The public computers have USB ports at the front of the tower for easy access.
What happens if I want a book the library doesn't have?
Ask! The library staff may be able to borrow the book from another library through the Evergreen Indiana system or even through Interlibrary loan.
How can I renew my stuff?
Things can be renewed online through your library account at, by coming into the library and asking the staff to renew them or you may call the library at 260-672-2989 and ask over the phone. All items are renewable one time.
Can I use my card at other libraries?
Yes, even though the Roanoke Public Library is an independent library, the card is valid at any Evergreen Indiana Library.

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