Book and Movie Checkouts


Books, audio books, music cassettes, magazines and other print materials are loaned for 21 days.

Patrons are allowed to take out as many as they wish and can bring back in the 21 days.

DVD and VHS tapes are checked out for 1 week.

A limit of 10 movies can be checked out.

Following is the library policy dealing with this area:

Videocassette, DVD’s, Audiocassettes and Compact Disc Borrowing Policy

The Roanoke Public Library serves a diverse community and its videocassette, DVD’s, compact disc and audiocassette collections contain a wide variety of selections (G. PG. PG-13. R. Unrated). and that Roanoke Public Library staff cannot decide what any given borrower, including children, should view or hear.

  • Videocassettes and DVD’s may be borrowed from the Roanoke Public Library (RPL) if:
    1. The borrower is 18 years of age or above (See item #12 below for exceptions);
    2. The borrower must have a valid resident, non-resident or PLAC library card:
    3. The borrower is in good standing with no materials or fines outstanding; and
    4. The borrower uses the library videocassettes and DVD’s in accordance with all applicable copyright laws.
  • Videocassettes and DVD’s may be borrowed for 1 week at no charge.
  • Videos and DVD’s must be returned before the library closes on the day the video is due. If returned late, there is an overdue charge of $.25 per day for EACH video title. This does include the days the library is closed.
  • Borrowers accept responsibility for any major damage or loss of the library videos while checked out on the borrower’s library card. Any fee for damages or replacement cost will be assessed and billed to the patron.
  • The Roanoke Public Library is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage caused to a borrowers VCR or other equipment due to use of RPL’s videos.
  • RPL’s videos are VHS compatible and WILL NOT play in Beta VCRs. VHS tapes are ½”.
  • Videos should be rewound before returning them to the library.
  • Videos may be returned to the library in the outside Return Drop Box.
  • The patron is responsible for returning the videocassettes and DVD’s ingood condition. In case of loss, theft or damage, the borrower will be charged the full replacement cost of the cassette or DVD.
  • Copyright laws limit these videocassettes and DVD’s to home viewing only (no admission charge or donations accepted), prohibit their duplication, and not televised on open or closed circuit systems.
  • Keep videocassettes and DVD’s in a cool, dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight or near sources of heat.
  • Parents will assume responsibility for the content of library material checked out by minors.
  • Borrowers may check out no more than four (4) videocassette titles or DVD’s, four (4) compact discs and six (6) audiocassettes titles at one time.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep our videocassette collection in good condition for all to enjoy.

Thanks to the Hilton County Public Library of Rochester, IN and Cary Library of Carv, ME for allowing us to adapt their Video Borrowing Policy. The Board of Trustees of the Roanoke Public Library reserves the right to modify the policy at any time. Adopted 11/12/1998. Amended by vote on 1/13/2000 and written on 9/14/2000. Revised and adopted 2/27/06

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