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Ode to a haircut. A particularly horrendous one at that. The haircut, not the poem. Well, maybe the poem too. It doesn't matter.

I got Butchered

Apollo had let loose his wrath upon Gaea
The earth was burned to a cinder
But a cold darkness numbed my senses
A chill ran down my spine
There was no turning back now
Nothing more left to say
Destiny awaited me
As I marched languidly to meet my fate
With iron in my heart.
I had stalled this for much too long.

With lead in my feet
I approached my adversary
Face to face we stood; eye to eye
No words were exchanged
There was no need for words
Just a nod, a shake of the head
All was understood
As he picked up his weapon
An evil grin escaped his face.
He knew I didn’t stand a chance.

As his blade flashed
I swayed and I squirmed
With each fell swoop he buried deeper
Visions of my mangled body
Swam in front of my eyes
It was just a matter of time
Before the final cut
Would wound my heart, my soul
Shred the last remnants of my spirit;
Slowly ebbing away.

But I stood my ground, flinched not a little
Battle bruised and scarred
There was something inside me that still resisted
Velazquez himself could not have known such valor
On that fateful day
Summoning the last ounces of my will
My strength... my dignity... I shouted "Enough!"
The enemy balked; he blinked
And then he picked up his blade one last time.
When it fell, I knew it was all over.

Pieces of me lay scattered on the ground
With his last malefic blow
He had pierced my heart
Trying not to hide the smile of satisfaction on his lips
He regaled in a job well done
I quietly picked up my cadaver and turned to go
In the distance the sparrows were making their song
But to me it mattered not
The music was muted, the colors all blurred.
Just one thought kept racing through my mind...

"I got butchered."