Spring 2019

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Our upcoming events are:


**** RPH Cabin opening and clean up April 6 & 7 2019****

*** Weekly Saturday trail crew work in Fahnestock Park.  Beginning April 13th***

****Annual BBQ & Trail Work weekend   July 19, 20 & 21, 2019****

**** This year RPH Cabin Volunteers is participating in Parks & Trails NY ****

“I Love My Park Day 2019”on Saturday, May 4, 2019

For detailed information contact:


Tim Messerich, (845-401-8817)  OR  Jim Gahn, (845-561-6376)

RPH Members Hans Fraude & Harald Fraude plus Georgina Podany to give AT talk Jan 8th 2017 at 3PM at Keegan's Ale in Kingston, NY

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In 2016 Hans Fraude and his father Harald Fraude hiked the Appalachian Trail.  Along the way they met Mama Cheddar " Georgina Podany".  While Hans and Georgina finished their record breaking 2189 mile trek on Dec 7th his father completed appx 500 miles of the AT this year and was a Trail Angel the rest of the time helping hikers out along the AT.  This event is a slide presentation by Hans & Harald Fraude and Georginia Podany on our trip in 2016 and also contains a flashback to 1980 when Harald Fraude completed his Thru-hike.  After the talk, please stick around for some live music by our friends' band, "Eddie Rion and the Guilty Pleasures" featuring all your favorite rock tunes you never even knew you loved!  They'll also perform a few cuts from their newly released CD, "Testing 1,2,3" available on iTunes and

Here is the bands Facebook page:

PETITION to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to preserve and continue maintenance of the RPH CABIN

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Click on image.jpg below on our printable description for our PETITION to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to preserve and continue maintenance of the RPH CABIN.  You can sign our online petition here by clicking here:

A Petition to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to preserve and continue maintenance of the RPH Cabin:

The RPH Cabin has provided a unique destination for AT hikers over the past 30 years.  Residents of the township in which the RPH Cabin is located have raised issues regarding "on street parking" and suspected "illegal drug activity" at or nearby the Cabin.  In response, others emplyed in trail management organizations have suggested the RPH Cabin be demolished.  For the past 15+ years, the Ralph's Peak Hikers Cabin Volunteers Club a member of the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference have maintained the RPH Shelter and AT with good stewardship and care.  The RPH Shelter provides:
- six in-house bunks
- sheltered picnic table
- tent platforms
- well maintained privy and pump water supply
- access to nearby stores and pizza delivery to the site
In addition, the RPH Cabin Volunteers host a trail work weekend each year in July.  During this event, AT Thru-hikers are provided with three cooked meals a day while staying at the Cabin.  All these activities would be suspended if the Cabin should be demolished.  

Southern Dutchess News Article - No Parking Means Less Hiking

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Please click on image.jpg below to see Southern Dutchess News Article - No Parking Means Less Hiking regarding the new no parking regulations at RPH Cabin on the Appalachian Trail.   PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION in the Annoucment above!  Thank you! 

Details for 2017 July RPH Trail Work BBQ

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Click on RPH 2017 BBQ FLYER below to see details of our July 14->16th 2017 RPH Cabin Trail Work BBQ

Camp Out at RPH Cabin on Friday Sept 23rd 2016

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Camp out at RPH Cabin on Sept 23  Arrive around 5 pm Friday nite. Night hike south of the cabin to Messersmith camp site that evening.Followed the next day with a hike on the old AT. Parts of the old trail followed Long Hill Rd and crossed Taconic Park way south of its present location. " Check this out!" If I can get permission from Madden Outdoor Center to hike on the old AT there? The Madden Outdoor Center is located on Miller Hill Rd. The trail was still there in the early 1980 and it is still some what easy to follow.    Now that would make for a Great historical hike. We shall see.

Southern Dutchess News Article on 2016 RPH Work Weekend

posted Aug 23, 2016, 12:33 PM by Harald Fraude   [ updated Aug 23, 2016, 12:41 PM ]

To read newspaper article click on image.jpeg below to view.....

RPH July 8th, 9th and 10th, 2016 Annual Work Weekend Update

posted Aug 23, 2016, 12:05 PM by Harald Fraude   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 11:11 AM ]

Preparation and  Success July Work Week End 2016
            What needs to be done this summer during the July work week end on the AT? its all ready January 1, 2016 .For the passed 17 years that is the way we plan! We will continue to do so. Starting out early, 6 to 7 months ahead of time has all ways made the difference. This years planning was no exception. Get on the STICK.
  I always knew that the roof on RPH Cabin was going to need replacement at some point.Well it on the list. The Jim Gahn bridge and Seth Lyon Memorial were both going to need painting. Over on county Rte 20 (Pawling area) The four foot oak steps installed 25 years ago were being pushed over from hydraulic pressure and washing out. Put it on the list! 40 feet of wooden planking right at RPH was on its way out.More than likely the Appalachian Trail in Fahnestock State Park will need more stone steps and landings. Lordy, Lordy we been working there for the passed ten years. Timely removal of 1950s junk car parts behind RPH Cabin.Which have been responsible for polluting our secondary water source ever sense the trail was rerouted thought there.We will have a dumpster!!!.YES.
  Who are going to be our sponsors this year? LL Bean of Freeport Maine,Thalle Industries of Fishkill NY,Chelsea Lumber of Wappingers Falls,NY.and Appalachian Long Distance Hiking Association.  As it turned out in July ,They were the list and they worked out wonderfully.
  Many hours of planning went into planning this years projects.From January to July the planning sessions, e mails and personal phone calls don,t stop. We even went to Appalachian Trail Days in Virginia to promote the work week end.
   We had approximately 80 people involved over the entire week end. All of the projects listed in January were finished except for the bridge painting due to inclement weather. Not much we could do about that.It is on the list for fall completion.
  Stone from Thalle Industries was dumped on Rte 310 (Fahnestock State Park) at the AT trail head for erosion control and at RPH Cabin for drive way fill. LL Bean provided a One Thousand dollar grant for the new roof.Chelsea Lumber donated new material for raised walk way at RPH. 
  Cost over runs due to unforeseen problems with the roof rebuild were covered by donations from Sands Frost, Tim Messerich, Andy Pecoraro, Richard Van Buren, Pat Cummings, and Bob Paterson. We are extremely grateful to Richard Van Buren for bringing his personal building equipment.With out his equipment the project would have stretched into the coming week end.        
  Participants this year were. Keith Kniffin, David Drorsky .Mary Lyon,Jim Gahn, Beth Habermann, Laura Wiegand, Tim Messerich, Joan Freeman, Terrie Kee, Hannah Reardon, David Utchel, Jeremiah Kirwan, Kathy Aman, Chris Scholts, Kevin Reardon, Rodney Fritz, Taylor Judice, Sharin Judlowitz, Harald Fraude, Anthony Kambyselus, Bill Bancroft, Sands Frost, Marc Sierzega, Jerry Kirwan, Fred Stern, Andy Pecoraro, Bob Paterson, Carlo Piccotti, Dave Kilnoky, Martin Hunley,Richard Van Buren, Walter Weigel, Pat Cummings, Colin Hutchison, Liam Anderson, Deborah Lamm, Jonna Ezrga, Clinton Baker, Louis Monico, Rafael Bustin, Ralph Ferrusi, Kathy Ferrusi, Steve Parker, Plus a large number of thur hikers who helped at the different locations but, were not recorded due to shorter time spans.Total hours for participants that were recorded, 492.50. 
   Look for the Ralphs Peck Hikers Cabin Volunteers in 2017. More projects, Different Locations on the AT and Interesting Concepts. 
BASCOM GrillMaster
Tim Messerich 
20 New Hackensack Rd 
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 

Work Weekend 2015 wrap-up

posted Jun 14, 2016, 5:17 AM by RPH Cabin

1. Two bunks in the cabin reinforced with 2x6 lumber.
2. From Miller Hill Rd to Shenandoah Mountain 30 water bars were cleaned out.Of those 30,six were completely rebuilt and one was brand new.
3. Two 8x8 tent platforms were constructed behind RPH cabin.
4. Ceiling, walls,(repaired sheetrock) and window frames cleaned out and painted in the cabin.
5. Both the Seth Lyon Memorial Bridge behind RPH and Jim's Stormville Mountain bridge were painted.
6. The wooden walkway at RPH was repaired. 60 feet of new lumber installed, plus new log supports were installed to replace several rotted ones.
7. Trail clearing was done for a half a mile on Shenandoah Mountain and South of RPH on the other side of Seth Lyon Memorial Bridge.
8. The weak kiosk post at RPH was partly dug up and reset with more concrete.
9. Rotted gate post was replaced at RPH driveway, plus a new RPH sign installed on it.
10.  Kiosk at Rte 301 trail head was re-roofed and the area was park-a-fied with small stone. The eroded trailhead parking area was filled in with larger stone.
11. Jolly Rovers Trail Crew plus three members of RPHCVC built numerous stone steps and landings on a washed out section of the AT in Fahnestock State Park.
12. The outhouse was treated with three bags of lime to cut down on the sweetness.
13. The Gerry Messerich Memorial Flower garden was completely weeded out.

This years work weekend was the most successful one in club history. Tim with the help of many others have been doing these projects for 15 years straight. Seven of them before the club was founded and eight with the club. The club's events have been the most successful in getting many projects done. This all started out in 1998 with Ralph and Kathy Ferrusi and Tim bringing food over to the shelter during July of that year.

 In the coming years we moved onto bigger and better projects. Everything from proper stone step installation to new bridges. During those years we only worked on projects during the second week of July, plus some scattered days every now and then. From 2008 onward things changed dramatically. Our work went from one weekend to six months of Saturdays plus !!!

Cabin Cleanup

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Join us on April 2nd from 9-4 to clean up and prepare RPH Cabin for the 2016 hiking season! Pack a lunch and meet us there.

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