Shadow Shadeling's Combat!
some shadow shadelings hanging idle..
A Shadow Shadeling, is a very small imp like creature that resembles humans with huge heads, they are all black and can't produce sounds, so their communications are handled by telepathy, sensing the world through an inner eye. 

Created by Magi from their shadow's shade, to be simple animated servants, they require little nourishment (they eat pieces of shadows) and seem to have some of their creators personality printed on them.

Before Magi grow into powerful, intellectual and outcasts Spell Casters, they must complete the longest and hardest of trainings. This can, and usually does, take lots of years and lifetimes; however not all is work on a Magi's use of time, and their creations are not used solemnly made to yield destruction or as simple mindless servants or daemons; this is where the Shadow Shadeling's Masks come into play. 

As a way to prove their worth to other Magi, some scholars spend some time perfecting a Shadow Shadeling's Mask worthy of power and abilities that could make the best Shadow Shadeling Warrior...
Dario Soto,
Sep 19, 2011, 1:55 PM