Social Networking Websites

A list of the social networking websites with >10,000,000 users taken from wikipedia (as of August 2007) 
MySpace General &&&&&&0192000000.&&&&&0192,000,000[54] Open
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) &&&&&&0120000000.&&&&&0120,000,000[83] Open
orkut Owned by Google &&&&&&&057431788.&&&&&057,431,788[58] Open (Google login)
Hi5 General &&&&&&&050000000.&&&&&050,000,000[36] Open
Friendster General &&&&&&&047000000.&&&&&047,000,000[30] Open
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas &&&&&&&040000000.&&&&&040,000,000[85] Open School, college, work and the military &&&&&&&040000000.&&&&&040,000,000[13] Open
Bebo Schools and colleges &&&&&&&034000000.&&&&&034,000,000[5] Open
Facebook Started for colleges, then high schools, and now everyone. &&&&&&&034000000.&&&&&034,000,000[23] Open Locating friends and family, keeping in touch &&&&&&&028000000.&&&&&028,000,000[64] Open Video sharing and webcam chat &&&&&&&026000000.&&&&&026,000,000[9] Open
Netlog Formerly known as Facebox. &&&&&&&022482536.&&&&&022,482,536[56] Open African-Americans &&&&&&&016000000.&&&&&016,000,000[6] Open Music &&&&&&&015000000.&&&&&015,000,000[43] Open
Cyworld Young South Koreans &&&&&&&015000000.&&&&&015,000,000[16] Open
LiveJournal Blogging &&&&&&&012900000.&&&&&012,900,000[46] Open (OpenID)
LinkedIn Business &&&&&&&012000000.&&&&&012,000,000[45] Open
Friends Reunited School, college, work, sport and streets &&&&&&&012000000.&&&&&012,000,000[29] Open
Piczo Teenagers, Canadians, photo sharing &&&&&&&010000000.&&&&&010,000,000[60] Open