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Bi-Monthly Ethnic Dinners

August Ethnic Dinner: Viva El Caribe!

Another first-time ethnic dinner experience – a Caribbean buffet prepared especially for us by owner/chef Viviana!

WHERE:      Viva El Caribe!

                    1929 E. Grant Rd. (One block east of Campbell, north side)

WHEN:        August 19, 2017, 6-8 p.m.

WHAT:         $15 per person, including pre-meal chips and fountain drinks

                    Lots of veggie items included. Most things prepared fresh & healthfully.    

                    Extras: Dessert; alcoholic drinks; menu items not on buffet

PARKING:   Beside or behind restaurant or on side street

NOTES: Sterling & Jeffrey tried it out and recommend it highly. Viviana is a wonderful hostess too!

August Ethnic Dinner - Viva El Caribe!