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Bi-Monthly Ethnic Dinners

An informal pre-holiday special experience awaits us at American Eat Company, a hopping all-local food court inside the historic Tucson Meat Co. south of downtown.

Get your own drinks and food (pizza, gyros, ribs, poke bowls, burgers and tacos) from a variety of stalls and then enjoy them as a group in our reserved space.

For our added pleasure, there’s also a bar, Isabella’s ice cream stand, a coffee place, and even a little market.

                      1439 S. 4th Ave. (Corner of S. 4th Ave. and 25th St.)

                      For examples of available fare, go to

WHEN:          Saturday 12/15, 6-8 pm

No sign-up necessary. Let’s just gather and enjoy ourselves. Alcohol available at bar.a, burgers, gyros, ribs, poke bowls, and tacos; Also including a beer and wine bar, coffee, ice cream