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Dr. Palaniappan Ramaswamy
Reader, School of Computing
University of Kent
Chatham Maritime, Kent, ME4 4AG, UK
palani AT iee DOT org; r DOT palani AT kent DOT ac DOT uk


I am currently a Reader with School of Computing, University of Kent. I was recently with School of Engineering, University of Wolverhampton. Prior to this, I was with School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex.

My research area is on biological signal processing, mainly signals from the brain and heart. I study these signals (such as EEG, PCG and ECG) for several applications: brain-computer interface, biometrics, electrophysiological analysis, cardiovascular disease diagnosis and stress management. I utilise tools like advanced signal processing and machine learning (such as neural networks and genetic algorithms) in my work. Further, I also process signals for various engineering and computer science applications. 

Do contact me if you are interested in any aspect of my work, for example if you would like to do a PhD or would like to collaborate with me.

More info?

Biological Signal Analysis book (free to download)

Digital Systems book (free to download)



Demo videos:
  • Music generation with brain-computer interface (BCI) video
  • Cursor control with SSVEP BCI video
  • Virtual phonepad using eye movements and blinks video1 video2
  • Password generation using thoughts video


BBC Radio Essex interview

  • Drivetime by Ian Puckey, 4 pm, 30.03.11 audio
LinkedIn 'Emerging Biometrics' Group


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