Roy's Recycling, Inc. (“Roy’s Recycling”) located at 3863 North 300 West, Anderson, Indiana 46011 is a central Indiana company dedicated to helping farmers obtain materials that will help them improve their soil while doing its part to protect the environment. Once upon a time farmers in this country were limited to only the materials around them to improve their soil and provide their crops the nutrients they need to thrive upon. Now chemicals and fertilizer can be shipped around the world but that does not mean we cannot or should not utilize the materials that surround us. One might be surprised at just what is available to us if we know where to look. Urban sprawl has become a threat to the land farmers need to produce the crops that we all depend upon. Yet in the midst of all this growth there are opportunities to reap big benefits for Indiana’s soil. Gypsum, in the form of drywall, is being thrown away and taking up valuable space in our landfills at an alarming rate. By recycling this drywall we not only divert it from the landfill, but we improve our crop soil as well. The purpose of this web site is to inform the reader of the benefits of using gypsum as an agricultural tool for improving Indiana’s farm soil and how recycling drywall can be beneficial to the community and be an economically sound way of obtaining this valuable resource.

The mission of

Roy's Recycling is to avoid the waste of valuable materials when gypsum is disposed of in landfills. To reuse, replenish and recycle earth-friendly materials and to become a leader in the Madison County recycling community.  With landfills everywhere reaching capacity and consistently filling up, we consider our mission of reducing this burden to be a meaningful mission. In America alone there are more than fifteen (15) million tons of gypsum waste deposited at landfills yearly.

The land application of crushed and served drywall scrap is a value-added means of responsibly managing this construction debris.  Users of ground drywall for crop production reap the agronomic benefit of the material.  Gypsum is used in agriculture as a fertilizer and as a soil amendment.  Both calcium and sulfur are essential plant nutrients.  <

Benefits of Gypsum. Gypsum provides the following benefits to soils:

·        Improves water penetration and workability of an impermeable sodic (alkali) soil.

·        Softens soils with high clay content.

·        Helps neutralize soil acidity.

·        Adds plant nutrients calcium and sulfur.

The process.

When we arrive at the job site we remove the drywall scrapes and sweep the all floors and window sills.


   We load it unto our truck and take it to our recycling plant.

Drywall pile at our plant.

Grinding the drywall into a fine gypsum powder.

Then it is sold in bulk or by the 40 pound bag.