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Roy McBee Smith

Artists Biography

I have spent over half my life in the Upstate of South Carolina.  I am a resident and artist in Spartanburg and I work at USC Upstate in technologies.  I am an active board member of the Spartanburg Artists’ Guild and continue to promote my works both locally and throughout the southeastern United States.  Having grown up in a family of artists, I began drawing at a very young age and have continued to make the creation and study of art an integral part of my life.  I formally studied 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional arts in college, regularly attend workshops, and have continued to collaborate with and learn from other artists. Many of my works are impressionistic, but I continue to study, light and darkness, space and dimension, through the use of different painting techniques.  My current works include portraits, architectural, southern region scenes, murals, and semi-abstracts.  I continue to work on my techniques and explore different themes and hope to provide a unique perspective on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional arts.


I have explored many of the natural wonders within the southeastern United States and continue to pin point the special features and moments that the three regions within South Carolina provide.  From the oceans to the highest mountains; this one-of-a-kind region within this great continent produces art almost automatically.  

I present to you in this exhibit, a mixture of oil paintings and watercolor paintings; many of the works are of either coastal scenes or of more local regional themes.  I also include in this exhibit, a special 3 part work that portrays highlights of our community’s unique history.   “My works try to capture the power of how light, darkness, and water, works in nature.”  Many of my works of art are of sudden inspirational experiences like the sun rises I’ve experienced on our unique South Carolina beaches, or the early morning mist just before it rises with the sun.  Early Morning sunrises are just as powerful and unique as sunsets.  The way watercolor presents the power of sunlight versus the way Oil presents the power of sunlight is unique in each medium.  Water has its own impact, and affects how light and darkness play together to create a unique experience.  

Thank you for your patronage!