What I offer

I offer you a calm, safe, unbiased and confidential place, which may be a rare occurrence in your day to day life. I will listen to you in a way that helps you to identify and focus what is important to you and develop a greater understanding of your experiences. You can say what you want, without the fear of judgement. i will accept you as you are. Together we will build a trusting relationship, so that you are able to share your hopes and dreams or what you may find difficult and painful.

I offer you the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of yourself and your life , through exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns. We may uncover important values and beliefs that underpin the way in which you deal with your life situation. This understanding can enable you to feel empowered, approach things differently and thus be able to deal with your situation and make choices. It may be that you will come to counselling knowing what you wish to achieve; or you may feel anxious, distressed or confused and angry and want to work out why. There are many different reasons for seeking counselling, we can work together with your reason to find your resolution.

I thoroughly enjoy my work as a counsellor and am passionate about the benefits of counselling, to enable you to find your own way and as a powerful healing process. This is partly due to my own experience in therapy and the benefits it has brought to my life. It can be difficult to take your first steps towards counselling and having been to counselling myself, I remember my own anxiety at first and am sensitive to how this may feel.

It is both a responsibility and a privilege to be an active part of my client’s exploration and new understanding. I offer you my full commitment and dedication.