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Class Rules

The following rules apply to all Pupils of The Royal Tara Dance Academy:
(1)    Right of refusal into The Royal Tara Dance Academy is retained by the teacher.
(2)    All dancers must register with their teacher each year.
(3)    Any dancer on medication or suffering from a medical condition/learning difficulties must
        inform their teacher when joining class.
(4)    Pupils must show respect and courtesy towards their teacher and fellow pupils.
(5)    Dancers must seek permission to perform in any event/display/concert which is dance related.
(6)    All dancers while in class or attending an event must behave in a respectful and disciplined manner.
(7)    Dancers are not permitted to leave the hall until their Parent or Guardian has arrived for them.
(8)    Mobile Phones -  No mobile telephones to be used during class.
(9)    Eating & Drinking – Please ensure your child has plenty to drink whilst at class to prevent dehydration.
                                        No eating is allowed whilst in dancing class due to several pupils having food allergies.
(10)   Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
(11)   No jeans/trousers to be worn at class. Shorts to be worn at ALL classes
(12)   Pupils should wear the correct attire for class, such as loose fitting t-shirts, vest tops and shorts.
          Hair should be neatly tied up and away from face.
(13)   Practice - use any ''Free Time'' to practice at a free zone area within each hall.
Parents of  Pupils of The Royal Tara Dance Academy:
(1)    Please drop your child off five minutes before class starts.
(2)    Make sure that children have gone to the rest room, dance shoes are tied and wearing the correct attire.
(3)    Please arrive on time to collect your child.
(4)    Parents are not permitted to stay in the dance classes. It has been known to distract children, therefore in order to teach your child to their full potential, parents must drop and collect their children at the designated class times.
(5)   If parents wish to speak with teachers, they may do so before or after class.  Please refrain from contacting teacher outside  of class hours for any minor queries that can be dealt with during class times as teachers have other commitments and are not available 24 hours per day.
(6)    No dance clothing or footwear to be purchased without discussing with your dance teacher first.
(7)   Parents should treat each other with equal respect and with the same regard in which they would like to be treated.
       Any form of bullying or disrespect towards another parent in the class will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

Social Networking Websites

Please be very aware of information that is placed on social networking sites.
Please do not write anything that may offend any other Dancer, Teacher or Organisation.

Enjoy your visit to the Royal Tara website!
If you wish to enquire about classes or performances please contact us for further information:
                                                         Phone:            Marti     07719 646 672            

                                                                                Ruth     07752 244 774

                                                                                Gail      07775 574 146               

                                                       Email: royaltaradancers@gmail.com