What should my child wear to their first class?

Normal class attire includes skirts, shorts, t-shirts, socks and shoes.
Beginners may wear light P.E school plimsoles / ballet pumps to start with
There is a uniform for practice and competition. T-shirts, skirts, shorts, Hoodies etc, are available for practice classes
but they are not compulsory. Contact your teacher for the school suppliers.
Do Irish dancers wear special shoes?

Irish dancers wear “light shoes” and “heavy shoes” If you would like to purchase a pair of light shoes for your child, please speak to your teacher about brands and prices. There is various websites under the “links” section where all dance needs are for sale. You can also purchase used shoes online which may be more cost effective.

Beginner dancers will only learn light shoe dances: Reel, Light Jig, Single Jig and Slip Jig, until teacher feels your child is ready to move onto learning ‘heavy shoes’ dances. The timescale for this may vary depending on your child’s progression.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone?

Lots of children start Irish Dancing not knowing anyone. Irish dancing is a very sociable hobby where children make lots of new friends outside of school. There will be lots of children around the same age as your child and he/she will be learning in a fun environment.

Dancing Costumes
You will be advised when to obtain a costume when your child is ready to compete.


What is a Feis?

A feis (pronounced FESH) is an Irish dance competition. There are many competitions held throughout the year. If you think your child would be interested in competing, please talk to your teacher. She will advise you when your child is ready and where to go from there. A schedule of competitions will be available online for you to view.