Here at the Academy we train pupils in both traditional and contempary Irish Dancing. 
The school prides itself on the fact that all our pupils are drawn from all across the community.
The aim of the Academy is to ensure each pupil reaches
their full potential in a creative and enjoyable environment.
The academy believes in building self esteem and confidence of children through positive encouragement.
Irish dancing is a fun way of keeping fit and provides additional benefits such as flexibility, coordination,
balance and strength.
Each child will progress at their own rate and will have the option of competing at competitions. While we believe in the life lessons that healthy competition can teach, we realize it is not for everybody, so this will be left up to the parent/guardian of each child.
                       Qualified & Registered Teachers & Adjudicators
                                      Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa      
The Organization of Goodwill and Excellence in Irish Dancing


For over 50 years the Royal Tara Dance Academy has helped pass on the centuries old tradition of Irish dancing
to new generations of Irish Dancers.  Along the way the academy has created many champion dancers,
but more importantly, life-long friends.