Welcome To Our Royal Family! Join us in Making The World a More Beautiful Place!
Royal Majesty Pageants was founded on the dream of combining our love of theater and stage, with event planning and philanthropy.

Our philosophy is that no matter what your dreams and goals are; image and self esteem plays a very important role in achieving success.

We believe that pageants teach children of all ages to value and respect themselves, while gaining confidence and social skills that will last for a lifetime. We host pageants as a way to provide a venue for children to gain the confidence and skills that can help them reach their highest potential.
Most important is our desire to take pageants beyond the pageant community and bring them into the greater community through service and philanthropy,

Our contestants not only have the opportunity to show their beauty and skills from the stage; they also have the opportunity to show the community that they are more than just a pretty face with a sparkling crown. We encourage our Royalty to be involved with us in making appearances at parades, special visits to children's hospitals, veterans hospitals, children's group homes; and become active in the community in raising funds and awareness for such important causes as Breast Cancer Awareness and the Shriners.

We host an annual benefit pageant for the Shriners, following a fun day at the Shrine Circus. We also host Beauties For the Cure, a fundraiser for Susan G Komen for the Cure for Breast Cancer. The Grand Finale of our pageant season each year is our Winter Holiday Nationals where.  We offer a big beautiful stage where each child can be a super star in her own right; and we award our contestants with spectacular crowns, sashes and robes, and the opportunity to win a $1,000.00 savings bond; so that our Royalty truly look and feel like Royalty. No child leaves a Royal Majesty Pageant pageant without a crown and fabulous gifts. And the most fun of all is knowing that your titles will have meaning and purpose.

We truly offer everything you could possibly want in the world of pageantry.
Join us in making the world a more beautiful place inside and out!


Meet your Directors
Jeanne and Gary Wonning

We are very active in charity organizations, fundraisers, theater and community service projects.

Jeanne is very involved in a 35 year career of travel and event planning, and escorting groups and organizations on cruises and travel excursions.

Gary is a world travel photographer and has photographed many renown sites from ancient ruins to the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

We are the proud parents of 5 grown children, 13 grandchildren and one great-grand child. Our children have achieved success in their own right and have taken on challenges and leadership roles including but not limited to pageantry.

We love providing pageantry as an opportunity for children to enjoy being stars on the stage, while helping others in the community and discovering the true meaning of beauty and the titles that they hold. 

Our desire is to offer our contestants a very positive and fun pageant experience; and we want you to feel comfortable and welcome.  We are more than happy to answer any questions that you have; so please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.