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Various photos sent in by individuals in no particular order. Have you got a photo we would be interested in? I will get round to putting names to the football teams. (Click to enlarge, click again for full page)

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'Safari' Coy in Malaya. In 1969 a composite company joined the Black Watch at the Jungle Warfare School at Kota Tinggi, in the state of Johor, Malaysia (Click to enlarge, then click again for full screen)
The plinth at Gebeit, Sudan. The Royal Leicestershire Regiment was the last British Bn to serve in Sudan. Lt Walker was killed in Cyprus just a few months later. I made contact with a gentleman in Gebeit but he was unable to tell me if this Plinth is still standing. On 'Google Earth' there is a 'map pin' marking the site but it is wrong, look carefully and it marks the cap badge of another regiment. See further entry on Page 3.
Lt Walkers grave at Charlton Marshall, Dorset

From Brian 'Aussie' Austin, Signal Pl. This one is from Long Pasia, me (Aussie) having a shave with Roger Jones and Vinny Berry also in picture

Again, Long Pasia, Jock Tate with local school teacher and class, me and Denis Foran and outside the longhouse, Joe Holder, Alex Alexander, Jock Tate, Den Foran, Sam Staples and ? Goldby at the rear.
Long Pasia 1963. Runners up best dressed platoon.
The Silver Drums on display in the WOs and Sgts Mess on the occasion of a Regimental Ball in St. Patricks Barracks, Malta in 1967. It shows all eleven of the drums and eight bugles( four bugles were not on display for balance reasons).  


This photograph shows men of the 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment, with Generals Tytler and Browne, as well as soldiers of the 45th Sikhs and 4th Gurkhas, at Safed Sung, Afghanistan in May 1879. The regiment had already taken part in the First Afghan War in 1839 and took the fort at Ghuznee (now known as Ghazni)


Malta, Back row L-R ? ? one of the Hunt Bros, Roy Watret, ? 
Front 'Fluff' Flatterly, Mick Ridgeon, Bill Heggs, Tich Gould 
Germany 1962 'Dickie' Bird, Archie Parker, 'Tich' Gould, Pete Hancock
 Recce Pl in Libya 1966 Dave Millis, Carl Dutton, Jock Reid and Tich Gould in front of a bush.
Men of the Leicestershire Regiment man a Bren gun Libya 25 years earlier, November 1941

L-R Naggy Hayward, Bill Brasso, American, Jeff Wardle, Sid Tipper, American, Steve, me (Bongo Herbert, Gray Chappo, Junior, George, China Fleet Club Hong Kong 1963. (Photo posted by John 'Bongo' Herbert)
 Awaiting caption, probably in Munster about 1961
 Glen Parva 1952. It can't be! is that Stan Barkby top left?
I have since had a call from Stan confirming that it is him, he was 17 at the time, too young to join the battalion in Korea. The only other person to be identified at the moment is Terence Cartwright 2nd from left front row.
Derek Seaton Author & historian at Regimental dinner with Lord Mayor
Robert Eustace at the Pingat Jas Malaysia medal presentation
Lt Charles on Exercise, Watchet early 60s. Photo by Graham Eustace
Vince Moore, Jigger Johnson, Hallam,Todd, Tony Crane and Ken Tween by Graham Eustace
Denis Foran aboard  RFA Sir Galahad, a landing ship, somewhere off the coast of Muscat in 1969, the battalion was in Bahrain and often trained in the Muscat and Oman. Sir Galahad was later lost in the Falklands War.

Denis Foran sent this without a caption but it must be in the courtyard of the 'Stone Frigate'  HMS Sheba in Aden
The Depot, Glen Parva Barracks probably late 50s

Ted Hugo supplied the following: Photo taken Sept 1956 

Middle of the middle row is probably (Roy?) Bourne who had been in the Barbados Regt.  End of the row the L/Cpl. looks like Roger Murrell from Hinckley.  Don´t see his cousin “K......” Shepherd.

 L to R Back Row.  First man is Simpson.  Further along between Bourne and a big footballer on Leicester City´s books, looks very much like Jack Tagg, the original Lincolnshire poacher. 

 Recognize two more faces in the second row (2nd and 5th from the left).  Both Wyggeston G.S.?;  but remember no names. 

UK Army Cup, finalists 1966 Standing from left: Longland,
Stu Coley, Robbie Allen, WO1 (RSM) Jimmy Jenks, John O'Rourke, Williamson, Issacs. Kneeling from left:  Jimmy Collins, John Hinson, Wright, Bill Stoves APTC, Mick Rigley. 
Command Company, Bahrain 1970 Standing from left: Phil Brown, Bill Robson, John Hinson, John Spiers, Jim Wyatt, Mick Platts, Robby Allen. Kneeling from left ?  Allen Dent, Jock Leggett, Pete Mileham, Moore.
 Cpl 'Billy' Cooke leads a patrol in Germany about 1960. His son sent in these three pictures, Billy served 22 years from Palestine to Aden. His son, David, would dearly love to see any other photos of his father as the family have lost theirs. 
 Aussie Austin and Bob Nesbit (attached from RNF) erecting a 25m mast in Libya.
 Signal Pl in St Patricks Barracks Malta, probably Queens Birthday Parade. 
'C' Coy in Malta. OC Maj Gilmore, 2 i/c Capt Trevethick, CSM WO2 Pearce
St Patrick's Barracks Malta
 Mel 'Tich' Gould, Pete Hancock and 'Wanga' Waqairoba Hong Kong 1963 manning a checkpoint on the 'Round the Colony Race
Recce Pl in Libya about 1966 it must have been early on because  the Recce Pl soon removed the canvas and windscreen to lower the profile of the veh, L-R Mel 'Tich' Gould, Dave Millis, Alan Ainsworth (in cab) and Paddy O'Sullivan
Hong Kong 63. HQ Coy, Queens Birthday Parade.
 Thats me, extreme left in the centre file.
Tail end of 'A' Coy on the same parade.Ginner Barlow - Paddy Curran - Keith Cracknell - Shelley - Paddy Flynn - Townsend - Leslie Allen Graham Eustace - Eddie Gough - Grocer Green bringing up the rear.
(Editor; I believe it should be 'Grosser' the German for large, anyone like to confirm?) 
5 Pl in Ba Kelalan, Borneo 1963 only remember that his nickname was 'Go Go' Any offers? Note the bandolier of ammunition tied around his waist and the yellow 'Friendly Force' strip on the hat band.
  front centre, 'Naggy', rear centre, 'Cookie'  This group of photos were sent in by John 'Bongo' Herbert but he cannot remember the names. Can anyone help? They were taken when  the Bn was in Germany about 1961
 Awaiting caption Germany 61 (Wearing Forester Brigade cap badges)
George Wallis and Nobby Clarke in front Dan Tibbles on right at back. Soltau 1960. 

Explosives Course, New Territories, Hong Kong 1963. L-R Mandy Miller (I think)Pioneer Sgt Albert Glover (in the beard) Mike Booker bottom left, Jeff Horne and I think  ‘Bash’ Bates bottom right?

Graham Eustace receiving his Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal
Lt Charles & Reg Taylor at the presentation
  Hazel - Dick Hackett - Malc Watson - Malc Palmer - Lep Francis - Mick Bradbury - Purdy - Gerorge Silver - Jimmy Collins (crouching)-Brian Freeman, Photo by Graham Eustace
Denis Foran and Mel Gould attend the launch of Col Michael
Goldschmidt's book, Marching With The Tigers, at the Newarke Houses Museum.
 Col Michael Goldschmidt with a copy of his book.

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3rd Bn Paderborn 1973. ex Leicesters include Bob Potter Ollie Dent, Freddie Diamond, Jephcote and the manager Jimmy Jenks
Winners! Middle East Land Forces Cup 1965
 Rear: Hargreaves, Rigley, Longland.
Front: Tomlin, Carr, Slater, Smith Williamson, Collins, Longland.
Billy (left of rear row) with MT football team. (Editor: The buildings in the rear look like it was taken in Munster.)
 Aden 1965 Brian Woolbridge Mick Bennett and Billy Cooke.
If filling sandbags had been a Olympic sport, we would all have gold medals, someone told me we had filled 1/4 million sandbags whilst in Aden I just wonder how many the rest of the battalion filled. Editor.
I have included a photo of my mum Eilleen, taken at Watchet,Somerset, meeting HRH the Princess Margaret
(I am the one in her arms in the reins) with my brothers. If you look in Marching with the Tigers,page159 you will see the officers wives photo and if you go back to page157 the photo of an RAF Belvedere landing at Mukeiras, bottom right the chap with his back holding a basket is Bill!

Athletics Team, Malta – May 1967

Back Row: Lt M K Goldschmidt, Lt D W James, SI W Stokes (APTC), Capt P B J Carr (RAPC, OIC Athletics) , LCpl L Holman, Capt A J G Pollard, Pte Boothby, Cfn Hessel, Cpl Austin, Lt Col D R C Carter (CO), Cpl W Waqairoba, Pte Adams, Pte Hunt, Pte Gordon, Pte Colver, Cpl B Harman, Cpl Tomlin, Pte M Platts.

Front Row: Cpl R Sarson, Pte Payne, LCpl Williamson, Pte Baum, Pte Beerman, Cpl Allen, Pte Moreau, Cpl Taylor, Pte Peacock, Pte Kennerley.  [Cpl C Dutton is absent]

Outside the NAAFI in Sia Kung Camp. L to R Sam Staples, Brian 'Aussie' Austin, Wilson, Blasdale and Colin Halford
 The one standing is Nelson (MI Room)
Winners of the North Midland Inter-unit Cross Country Championship, Jan 1957.From the left, back row; M Dumford, D Branson, R Freeman, M Rigley, G Piggott, D Prat,            C Marriott, A Dumford. Front; B Payne, Lt R J M Mosse,   Capt A J Parsons, 'C/Sgt Nobby Clark', ?
Merv Moore somewhere in Libya.
Signal Pl in Erskine Camp, Hong Kong L-R  C/Sgt 'Eddie' Edwards  Barry Lewin, Brian Appleby,  Bob Guy, Pete Hancock, Tich Gould, ?, Ken Derbyshire. Man with his back to us is 'Robbo' Robinson the Signals Storeman
Graham Eustace and Who? in the NAAFI at Sia Kung
 Hong Kong Rear: Paul King, ?, Rick Whitcombe, Centre: Ken Derbyshire, ? Treble, Barry Lewin Front: Mel 'Tich' Gould. Something to do with 'Khud Racing' invented by the army in India the Coy Clerk would be sent off at reveille to climb some distant hill, a couple of hours later the rest of the company would set off, individuals found their own route, at the top the clerk would stamp your hand with the Coy stamp to prove you had been to the top. First back was the winner.
Grimsley(jnr) Tony Everet, Tex Elliot, Hong Kong 63.
Dick Hackett & wife at Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal presentation

General Pollard & Denis Foran at the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal presentaion

Jes Hawkins & Reg Taylor
LCpl McKenzie - Parker - 2 at the left. by Graham Eustace
Major Terry Holloway & Major John Parsons by Graham Eustace
  Capt Bob Allen, Chairman of the Royal Tigers Association, attends the re- dedication of the war memorial at Retford  with his wife. The name of Pte Harry Topping, Royal Leicestershire Regiment, who was killed in Korea on 5th Nov 1951, was added to the memorial in his memory.
Harry Topping's brother who was in the same night attack in which his brother, Harry was killed. He was not aware of his brothers death until the roll call next morning. Harry has no known grave. 

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