Looking Back - Graham Eustace - Aden and Radfan

The Battalion was on operations in Aden from Jan 1965 until June 1965 and we were accomadated in a tented camp, Radfan Camp. There were two main groups in Aden, 

Front for the Liberation of Occupied South Yemen (FLOSY) and the National Liberation Front (NLF): both wanted union with Yemen but also spent time fighting one another. Duties in Aden revolved around guards at key points, foot and vehicle patrols and long hours spent on standby.


Companies also spent time ‘upcountry’ in the Radfan Mountains; time there was spent on patrols, ambushes and manning piquets, small groups living on the tops of the mountains to dominate the area and to allow the convoys to pass through safely.
Our thanks go to Reg Taylor who supplied many of the photos on this page and the Borneo page.
?, Mick Bradbury, George Silver, Graham Eustace and
? Purdy
Graham Eustace and Walter Taylor take a break on the Crater rim Aden.
Charlie Dutton & Mick Kenny at Thumier defence camp Radfan

Major K Burch briefs 'A' Company HQ prior to operations on the Crater volcanic rim with rifle platoons – 1965

Little Aden from the Crater
Reg Taylor on the rim of Crater 
 Clive Peberdy and others?                                       

Radfan - Graham Eustace with GMPG
Leicester Mercury Cutting 1965 - Sgt Tony Sprason

'A' Coy HQ - Major K Burch, Captain F Vigers, Captain Byham, CSM Woods - on operations in the Malla district of Aden waiting for a spotter helicopter to return.

Mermaid Club Guard - having orders read to them by guard commander Cpl Palin (not in picture)

Mick Bradbury and Reg Taylor
Lt Romilly and Lt Davenport resting whilst on patrol around Crater in 65 the man in the front was a signaller, Ginger Payne
?, Clements, Graham Eustace,  Sid Atkins,  Sam Small  then 3 of the RAPC

Col Cowan CO 4th Bn (Leicestershire) R Anglian Regiment

A Platoon of 'A' Company parade for operations – 1965

Farewell to my brother Robert, the Bn still had a month to do when I left for a 2 year posting to the Depot at Bury St Edmunds.

 Aden 1965. Names please!