Looking back - Dick Moore, Signal Platoon

I Joined up in 1962 just in time to help dig out the trains in Watchet Somerset. Joined A Coy and served in Hong Kong. Then moved to Sigs Platoon and attached to A Coy during our time in Borneo.Then back to the UK. Off again shortly after for our time in Aden (still in Sigs platoon).Then back to Somerset.After that I left for civvy street. Served with BT in UK for 10yrs. Then left for Australia and worked with Telstra for 26yrs. Now retired. Still have a interest with radio and have the amateur radio call of  VK5ATU here in Adelaide .
 Glen Parva Barracks 1962.
Probably rehearsal for the Queens Birthday Parade. The parade in Hong Kong was ssecond in size only to London.
Stan Barkby, 'Alpine' Johnson, 'Lep' Francis, Dick Moore, 'Nosher' Malcolm and Jimmy Collins messing about in a boat in Borneo. 
The Dhala road went from Aden up country to the Radfan Mountains. I would guess this was taken just outside of Aden.
 Eddie Gough.
Lok Ma Chau was the OP on the border, It was a bit of an holiday, a single building with the OP on the roof and a small hovel at the bottom of the hill that served as a bar. It is now a major crossing point but the duck ponds are still there.
 Not very 'mobile'.
 Village up country in the Radfan
 The battalion occupied two different camps in Hong Kong, HQ Coy in Erskine and the rifle companies in Sia Kung.
 Neil 'Ben' Patrick receives his PYJ Medal at the ceromony in Leicester. The medal was presented by the Malaysian Government to those who served in Malaya and Borneo.