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This is the story of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, ‘The Tigers’, told through artwork and historic photographs in the care of the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. Although there are few records of the regiment’s first 150 years, from the 1840s onwards there is a wealth of photographic material; much of which has never before been published.    The regiment and its soldiers are seen at ease and on duty, in their finest full dress and in the remnants left by active service. This is the first illustrated history of the regiment and will be a worthy tribute to one of the British Army’s most gallant regiments. 

An illustrated history by Robin Jenkins & James Ryan. Just published, available from Amazon.

          The Royal Leicestershire Regiment


Now available from the Association office
A history of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment
1955 - 1975
by Michael Goldschmidt
As the definitive final volume of the history of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment, Marching with The Tigers covers events in the Regiment and its successor, the 4th Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, over the years 1955-75. During this period the Battalions undertook overseas and operational tours in Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Borneo, Aden, Malta and Libya, Bahrain and Northern Ireland. Supported by seventeen maps and many black and white photographs, its lively text describes the Regular battalions' activities up to the disbandment of Tiger Company in 1975, the Territorial Army battalions' up to the disbandment of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment (Territorial) in 1971, the early years of the Leicestershire Companies in the 5th and 7th (Volunteer) Battalions The Royal Anglian Regiment, the Depot, the Museum, the Regimental Chapel in the Cathedral and Affiliations. The final chapter brings The Tigers' History right up to the present day including Royal Tigers' Wood and the dedication of the various national memorials commemorating the Regiment. 

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