Uniform is arguably one of the most critical parts of the sea cadet image. A sea cadet worth his/her salt will know that the uniform is what civilians see. A great cadet, with a cruddy uniform will still be looked down upon, in contrast to the dick with an excellent uniform. To keep it all in shape, this page will talk about how to wear it, sew badges, and maintain it.

Pants and Tunic
The Pants and the Tunic, are the largest pieces of uniform. Fortunately, pants are easy to maintain, and the tunic doesn't need much maintenance. The pants should be ironed once every week at least, down the sides so the front has a crease sticking outwards. It should also not have any dirt, crud or furs on it. Flyaway threads can be burned with fire, literally. As for the tunic, it needs to be ironed about once a month. It should not have creases.

Cap and Cap-tally
The hat, is really simple, just a scrub with a toothbrush, and toothpaste on the top every now and then. The cap tally, should be tied on, if that is confusing, ask a more experienced cadet. Once at home, simply sew on the cap tally bow, and never worry about it again.
Badges. Well, there are many badges out there, but the most basic ones are the Corps Crest, the colorful badge on your
chest, and the Corps Name, on your shoulders. The crest should be sewn on, with blue thread, and the Name badge with black. DO NOT IRON THOSE BADGES ON.
Rank badges go under the name badge, on your left side, between the shoulder seam, and the elbow.
Petty officers and above, the badges go on the lower left arm. Again, do not iron them on.
Qualification badges go in various places. Consult your officers/Petty officers for help.
The Gunshirt is very simple. Iron it so that there is a crease going down the center of the front. Avoid creating one in the back. Use starch in liberal amounts.
The boots is the most time consuming part of the uniform. It must be shiny enough to reflect a somewhat distorted image of yourself, when you look at it from a standing height. In practice, that will vary, and your officers may be more lenient, or severe. To polish it, use a rag, to smear polish over it, in small circles. Then, use water, to rub it in. Repeat for the shiny boots.
Just keep it white(with bleach)  and straight(don't make knots in it)