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If you aren’t careful in buying a printer, the ink cartridges will cost you more than the printer did.


Here are some suggestions on saving money on ink cartridges.


I recently bought ink cartridges for two printers I have.   One is a Epson Stylus CX3810 which is an all in one printer.   It prints, copies and scans. 


The other printer is an old Canon S330 printer.


The first place I usually go for print cartridges is Walmart.  Walmart didn’t carry the Epson cartridges.   Walmart.com  did carry the BCI-24B (black) or the BCI-24C (color) cartridges for the Canon S330 printer.  Their price was $9.00 for the black cartridge and $19.97 for the color cartridge.  I checked Staples.com and their price for the black cartridge was $8.29 and the color cartridge was $21.49.  


OfficeDepot.com was the only major company I found that sold the Epson T026201(A black ink cartridge)  and the price there was $20.99


All of the cartridges at Walmart, Office Depot and Staples were genuine name brands either Canon or Epson.


I found a web site on the internet that sold a compatible (not name brand) T029201 for $2.49, a compatible BCI-24BK cartridge for $1.49 and a compatible BCI-24C for $1.99.  This site was megatoners.com.


I found another web site, inkforless.net that sold a compatible cartridge for the T026201 for $1.90 and the BCI-24BK for only $2.20.


You have to look at the shipping costs when buying online but if you buy more than one cartridge the costs are usually considerably cheaper.




Walgreens will refill one of your empty print cartridges for around $9.98 but you need to check their Sunday ads to see if there is a coupon.   If not the color refill will be more.  Some ink cartridges can not be refilled but the Walgreens employee should be able to tell you when this is the case.





Another way to save money on ink cartridges is to tell your printer to use only the black cartridge.   If you want to print in color you can’t use this method.   To print only in black ink go to the start menu and then the control panel.   Find the Printer option.  (Where you find Printer will differ whether you are using Windows XP, Vista or Win 7).   When you get into the Printer window right click on the icon that identifies your printer.  Find preferences in the window you open and click.   Then find advanced and click it.  Hit continue if a window comes up warning you that this is an advanced area.   Then you should see a place that reads Black Ink Only with a check block.   Check the block.  Then click OK.  From that time forth you will print only in black until you change the option.   You can change this back to color on a case by case basic when you actually tell the computer to print the document you are working on.  When you go to File and then Print the printer window opens up.   If you then follow the above procedures and remove the check on Black Ink Only the printer will print in color for the immediate document you are printing.   Unless you go back through the control panel to change print color preferences  the next document you print will return to black only.