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1.   Find the cable that came with your camera.   It is a short cable that has a large USB plug on one end and a small USB plug on the other.  

2.  Plug the large USB plug into the USB socket on your computer.   There are usually at least two USB ports on the front of your computer.  They are small back holes about 1/2 inch by 1/4th inch.  Notice the small piece of plastic in the USB socket.   It is on one side of the socket.   Notice the plastic piece on the USB cable plug.  To connect the plug to the socket you must align the two plastic pieces so one will be the opposite of the other.  Once you do this you should be able to shove the plug into the socket.  Go to Start and then Computer on the right side of the window.   Double click Computer.  It will show the different drives you have.  Minimize this window by hitting the "minus" icon at the top right corner of the window.  The window should disappear to the bottom of the screen.  It will be shown as a yellow file folder on the bottom left of the screen.

3.  Now look at your camera.  Find the USB socket.   It is usually one on the side of the camera and may be under a flap.   This USB socket is much smaller than the one on the computer.   Once you find the socket slip the small end of the cable into the camera USB socket.  It will only fit one direction.

4.  You should hear a quite chime from the computer in a moment or two.  Then a window will open up. It will be a small window on the bottom right of your screen saying "The device has been loaded"   It then asks if you want to scan and fix the removable drive.   Click "Continue Without Scanning".    Click on the minimized Computer window at the bottom of the screen.   It will maximize.   You should see a new drive letter.  This should be the camera.

5.   Double click on the new drive.  

6.   In this window you should see a file folder saying DCIM.  Double click on DCIM.  You should then see 100PHOTO.  Double click on it.  You should then see a list of files.   These are your photos. 

7.  Once again go to the START button on the bottom left of the screen and click it once.  You should see "Pictures" on the right.  Click on "Pictures".   A window will open up showing any folders and files you have in the "Pictures" directory.   Put your mouse cursor over a vacant place in this window and right click the mouse.  A new window should open up and you should see "NEW" near the bottom.  Click on "NEW".  Now click "FOLDER" in the new window.  The windows then highlights a new folder waiting for you to name the folder.  Type in any name you wish such as Vacation Photos. Double click the mouse on the new folder you created.  It should show a blank folder.

8. Now go back to the yellow folder icon on the bottom left of the screen and click on 100Photo.  This is your list of photos.   You are now ready to copy from your camera to the computer.  Hold down the Ctrl key at the bottom left of your keyboard.  While holding down the Ctrl key start clicking each of the photo names.  Each will highlight when it is clicked.  You must continue holding down the Ctrl key until you highlight each one.  After you have highlighted all you can take your finger off the Ctrl key.   Place your mouse cursor over the highlighted area and right click the mouse.   If you left click the mouse the highlighting will disappear and you will have to go through this procedure again.   When you right click the mouse a new screen will open.  The new window will have both the words COPY and CUT on it.  If you want to leave the pictures on the camera and just copy them to the computer select COPY.   If you want to move the photos to the computer and remove them from the camera select CUT.  (Warning.   For your first few tries select COPY because you could lose the pictures if you CUT and PASTE wrong).

9.  Now that you have selected COPY or CUT, go back to the yellow folder icon at the bottom left of the page and click on it.  This time select the window that shows the folder name you created (such as Vacation Pictures).  When that window is open put your mouse cursor in the middle of the screen and right click the mouse.  Then select PASTE.  Your photos should them PASTE to that folder on your computer.

10.  You can now review your pictures.   Double click on one and a window will open showing your picture.  Or you could click on Slide Show above the photo names and the computer will give you a slide show of your photos.