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To use the below procedures you must have an Internet Provider account established on your e-mail program.  You can be using Outlook Express or Windows Live (which come with Windows XP or Vista) or Thunderbird or Eudora or some other stand alone e-mail program.  You can not just use webmail such as Yahoo or Gmail.  If you don't use a stand alone mail program you might want to call your internet provider to have them help you set your software up.   It is not hard.

1.  First find the directory that contains the photos.   Normally they are stored in MY DOCUMENTS under the directory name, MY PICTURES.

2.  Go to the START button at the bottom of the page and click it once.  Look in the blue area on the right side of the window that opens.   It might even show MY PICTURES in this window.   If it does click on MY PICTURES.  If MY PICTURES is not shown click on MY DOCUMENTS.   A MY DOCUMENTS window will open and there may be lots of files and directories shown.   Find MY PICTURES and double click on it with your left mouse button.

3.  If you have been downloading photos from your camera to your computer chances are Windows downloads them directly to the MY PICTURES directory.

4.  Go through the directories and pictures in MY PICTURES until you find the one(s) you want to e-mail.  Put your cursor over the picture and click once on the right button on the mouse.   A window will appear.   Look about 2/3 down the window and you will find SEND TO. Move your mouse over SEND TO and another window will open.  On this window you should see "MAIL RECIPIENT".  Move your mouse to the right to this new window and then over "MAIL RECIPIENT" and left click the mouse once.  

5.  Another small window will pop up on your screen titled "Send Pictures Via e-Mail".   This window asks if you want to make your pictures smaller or the same size.   Most of the time you click the circle to make the pictures smaller.   The smaller pictures are quicker to send and the recipient can see the whole picture when he or she opens the e-mail.  Otherwise the picture may be so big that only a portion of the picture can be viewed when the e-mail is opened and the picture may have to be saved to view it properly.  Selecting make the picture smaller will have no affect on your picture stored on the hard drive.   It's size will not change.   Only the size of the picture being sent will change.

6.  Click your choice and then click the block "OK" with the left mouse button.

7.  After clicking "OK" your e-mail program, either Outlook Express or Windows Live will pop up.  Type the e-mail address of the person you want to send the picture to in the "TO" block then click "SEND".

8.  Your e-mail that includes your picture will be sent.

9.  You can send more than one picture at a time in step 4 above if you hold down the "Ctrl" key on the bottom left side of your keyboard while you click other pictures.  The pictures you have highlighted by holding the Ctrl key down and clicking on each will be the ones that will be e-mailed.   Remember many internet providers will not let you send e-mail that is over 1 million characters.   I suggest you only sent 3-5 pictures at a time per each e-mail.   You can alway wait a few minutes and send more e-mails.


Using Webmail you still need to find your picture by going through the first steps listed above but instead of using the SENT TO option you must COMPOSE a note through your webmail program then find an option that says send an attachment then browse to the location where the picture is.   Then you must identify the picture and tell the webmail program to attach that picture.