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Thanks to Bob Landrum for the following

One thought about Windows 7.  There is not Email except for Windows Live which is a big step from Outlook Express or MS Outlook.  Before upgrading from Vista, the WINDOWS MAIL program can be copied and saved (hidden files must be included) to an storage device (it can be found on the web likely but it is copyright protected).  The Windows Mail files are still there in Windows 7, so they should be backed up in case something goes wrong (renaming the file is a better option).   Create a new folder and move or copy and paste the Windows Mail Program into this folder.  Create a shortcut to the "exe" file and you are finished.
Also, for those upgrading to Windows 7, it would be wise to research the procedures prior to beginning the upgrade.  First issue is the amount of memory required.  Total upgrade time will be something like 6 hours...............