Rowing Fleet Formation, Constitution & Bylaws

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Letter from members of proposed Rowing Fleet
to the Commodore, Monmouth Boat Club

Re: Fleet Formation and Budget Proposal

To: Doug Peckmore
Monmouth Boat Club
In following up on your suggestion that we form a rowing fleet, and according to the provisions of the MBC constitution which provides for formation of a fleet by vote of the membership of MBC upon proposal of a constitution and by-laws, please find attached our proposals for MBC approval.

As a fleet, we propose to assume responsibility for the construction, operation, maintenance, and space assignment for shell racks, oar storage, and any other facilities or equipment specific to rowing.

We hope this will include a shell for instruction and outreach, primarily used by members of MBC other than regular members of the rowing fleet. The attached budget proposal includes purchase an appropriate shell. We envision instruction similar to MBC’s sailing instruction.

We recommend that MBC anticipate continued interest by potential new members. This has a nice effect on MBC’s cash flow. The attached proposal includes building two additional half-racks to accommodate 6 new members. We will build them when needed to accommodate new members accepted by MBC when they indicate a need in shell space.

We look forward to operating as a fleet of MBC, and thereby participating more fully in the operation of and enjoyment of MBC.

Yours truly, Dan Edwards, Charlie Gross, Katya Hanson, Joel Levinson, Bill Looney Jim Shelton Rich Struse

On behalf of the scullers,

Steve Burns, Dan Edwards, Charlie Gross, Katya Hanson, Joel Levinson, Bill Looney, Jim Miros, Jim Shelton, Rich Struse

Copy to: Peter Smith, Commodore Elect
Dale Barney

Budget Items Proposed by the Rowing Fleet for the 2001 Season of Monmouth Boat Club
  1. Rack assembly and painting. at estimated $600/half-rack.
    $1200. Budget for 2 half racks to support a club shell and shells for 5 new members.
  2. Purchase of a shell, with oars and safety equipment, for instruction of novice members of MBC who would like to pursue a new interest in rowing
    $3500. Budget
  3. Oar storage space and storage racks in the new MBC shed, when built. We should store oars 10 feet long in locked space protected from the sun. We assume the appropriate extension of the new shed length or height will add to the cost of the shed by perhaps a third.
    $500. Budget Addition - this is a guess, not an informed estimate.

on behalf of the proposed Rowing Fleet 9/17/00

Constitution of Rowing Fleet of Monmouth Boat Club
The purpose of this fleet shall be to promote physical culture and
more especially art and exercise of rowing
Article 1. - Name
 This fleet shall be known as the Rowing Fleet.
Article 2. - Subsidiary of MBC
 This fleet is a subsidiary of the Monmouth Boat Club and is subject to its Constitution and By-Laws.
Article 3. - Membership
 Membership shall consist of regular, associate, advisory, and junior members.
 None but regular members shall be entitled to vote or hold office.
Article 4. - Officers
 The officers of this club shall be include a fleet captain and other officers as determined by the
Article 5. - Committees
 The fleet captain shall name and appoint chairmanship and membership of all committees.
Article 6. - Meetings
 A physical membership meeting shall be held in the fall, and a fleet captain shall be elected and assume office at that meeting.
 Other membership meetings may be held physically or virtually by way of telephone, e-mail, or other electronic or mail means.
 A quorum for transaction of business shall consist of at least 3 regular members or 30% of the regular membership, whichever is larger.
Article 7. - Authority
 The fleet membership shall have authority over all its affairs. It shall execute whatever authority is delegated to it by the MBC.
 It shall have the right to delegate to any member or groups of members authority to perform any of its rightful functions and shall protect such member or group in the exercise of that authority.
 It shall also have the right and the power to take back to itself such delegated authority.
Article 8. - Amendments
 Amendments to this Constitution may be made at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present; proposed amendments having been presented electronically and read at a previous meeting.

Bylaws of Rowing Fleet of Monmouth Boat Club

Article 1. - Membership

  Regular members shall be all regular members of MBC who own and row or scull a rowing shell.
 Associate members shall be all regular, honorary, sustaining, or associate members of MBC who row or scull or are interested in rowing or sculling a rowing shell who are not regular members.
 Junior members shall be all junior members of MBC who row or scull or are interested in rowing or sculling.
 Advisory members shall be all members of MBC who are interested in the operation of the rowing fleet who are neither regular, associate, nor junior members.

 Any member of MBC wishing to become a member of the Rowing Fleet shall inform the fleet captain of the type of membership they wish, and shall thereupon become a member of the fleet.

Article 2. - Obligations

 The Rowing Fleet shall create, manage and maintain those equipments and facilities delegated to it by the Monmouth Boat Club, within budget assigned to the Rowing Fleet by MBC. [1]
 The Rowing Fleet shall manage other functions as delegated by MBC.
 The Rowing Fleet shall provide invoices as required by MBC to validate costs and expenses incurred on behalf of MBC for the above.
 The Rowing Fleet shall provide for safe and careful use of MBC rowing equipments and facilities by training, rules and regulations, and supervision.

Article 3. - Rights

 Priority for selection of shell storage locations shall be in order of seniority determined by the number of years (or fractions) in which shell owners have shell storage paid on-time to MBC.
 All members shall have the right of participation in meetings, whether physical or virtual.
Regular members shall have the right to hold office and vote in meetings. [2]

Article 4. - Initiation, Dues, etc. [3]

 The initiation fees and dues for members shall be established each year at the annual physical meeting.
 Assessments shall be established as needed by a meeting of the membership, called by the fleet captain together with a written or electronic proposal.
 Any membership in arrears shall be notified by the fleet captain or treasurer and if not paid in full within sixty days shall be expelled and so notified.
 Members shall provide electronic addresses which they monitor to the fleet captain so as to participate in virtual meetings as called by the fleet captain.
 Excepting emergencies, electronic notice of at least a week will be provided.

Article 5. - Removal of Officers

 Any officer may be removed from office upon vote by a two-thirds vote of all members present.

Article 6. - Amendments

 Amendments to these by-laws

Original Comments:
[1] Intended to include MBC-owned shell racks, oar racks, and potentially sheds, shells, oars/sculls, safety equipment, training equipment.
[2] This would be: Gross, Struse, Shelton, Hanson, Looney, Burns, Levinson, Miros.
[3] No dues nor assessments are contemplated at this time, electronic communication replacing the need for mailings.