Dr. Rowan T. Hughes


Originally from Galway, Ireland, an altogether wonderful place (if a bit wet). I have a PhD in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin and currently, I work as a Research Fellow for the University of New South Wales’ Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre (EPICentre). I'm a software engineering veteran with extensive experience in the Visual Effects industry, my current research focuses on data visualization, simulation, machine learning and computer graphics. I'm on Twitter @rowanthughes.


Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphics, Scientific Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Science, Volume-Rendering, Agent-Based Simulation, Crowd Simulation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.



I have far too many guitars that I can't play nearly well enough. I also compete in powerlifting.


The University of New South Wales, Faculty of Art and Design, Post-Doc

Trinity College Dublin, School of Computer Science & Statistics, Alumnus

NUI Galway, Information Technology, Alumnus