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My name is Rowan Thunder. I'm a college student, a musician, an aspiring photographer, disabled, and I work at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I am involved in activism both on- and offline as much as I possibly can be, whether that activism is for immigration issues, GLBT equality, or disabled rights. I am passionate about many issues and frequently participate in such discussion fora on the internet.


I've created this site as a reliable home page and mirror for content that I may in the future write and also put elsewhere. I support the sharing and mirroring of my ideas with proper attribution. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.For that and a variety of other reasons, I've created this site in the interim to serve as a reliable online home for my content. I support my content being linked to and shared with attribution.

FYI: You may have reached this page from a link in regards to the suspension of my Google+ account. That page has been preserved for posterity here.

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