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RAID 100 2019

RAID 100 timeline and training objectives

posted Sep 30, 2017, 10:43 PM by Guy O'Neill   [ updated Oct 3, 2017, 4:16 AM ]

It's October 2017;
81 weeks to race week
seems like a long time, but in reality for us everyday athletes the lead-in time can be used wisely to prepare the best we can for a expedition event such as the RAID 100.

My primary objective is to maintain health and be injury-free. The plan to achieve this by smart training.

Step 1 for me was to identify my race objectives for 2018. So far it looks like this;
  1. Feb 17_Bayside Paddlegaine 4hr
  2. Mar 3 _Upside Down 8hr
  3. May 5 _Rogue Raid 24hr
  4. Aug 25_Australasian Rogaine Champs 24hr
  5. Sep 15_Mojo Raid 12hr
break till 2019 which will likely be the same start as 2018 but will include more specific team training for the RAID in those lead-in 3 months.

Step 2 the training plan.
  1. Build; now to Dec 2017
  2. Prime Jan _ Mar 2018
  3. Peak Apr _ May
  4. Holidays June
  5. Prime July _ Aug
  6. Peak for Australasian Champs and Mojo RAID
  7. Build Oct _ Nov
  8. Prime Dec _ Feb
  9. Peak Mar _ Apr

Concentrate on strength training in the gym 2-3 sessions a week, slow relatively easy workouts of trekking, biking and kayak to train the aerobic energy system and develop better capillary systems in the body. This period will allow for the body to recover, reduce likelihood of overuse injuries, improve technique on bike and yak, navigation practice.

Strength training may reduce in intensity and probably drop from 2-3 sessions a week to 1-2 maintenance sessions.
Introduce intervals into the trek, bike and kayak increasing intensity to develop muscle endurance and  train more of the anaerobic energy system. Gym session more likely to become a spin class or higher intensity cross-fit / boxing class.

Strength training definitely in maintenance mode, only one session a week. Intensity increases and some of the distances may increase in bike / trek / yak but less sessions a week. Probably dedicate a week to a certain discipline, bike week, yak week then trek week. Introduce a shorter power session.

Rapids Nth NSW

posted Sep 29, 2017, 10:41 PM by Guy O'Neill   [ updated Sep 29, 2017, 11:13 PM ]

Oxley River: Tyalgum to Eungella

  • 13.5km of grade 2 and 3 rapids
  • 0.7mm min level
  • 0.83m - 1.05m good level;
  • a well-supervised trip makes an excellent introduction to white water for novice paddlers who have mastered basic boat control. The river has many good Grade 2 drops and bouncy races (some several hundred metres long) and three relatively straightforward Grade 3 rapids. Although generally quite open, watch out for overhanging branches (particularly at higher river levels) and the occasional tree strainer.
  • Putting In: Under E.J. Bartrim Bridge over Brays Creek on Tyalgum Road at Tyalgum.
  • Taking Out: A dirt track from the river up to parkland on the north-east side of the bridge on Tyalgum Road at Eungella.
  • BOM river heights
Uki to Mt Warnng Rd

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