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Guy O'Neill

Discovered adventure racing after being introduced to mountain biking, stepped into a Kathmandu store, grabbed a flyer on their series, entered a 3hr race, race partner pulled out 2 weeks b4 the race, found a fill-in who I met on the morning of the race, laughed & slugged through 6hrs of mud & rain and there started my love of the sport.

I had to get into something after a 10yr lay-off from competitive sport, actually a lay-off from any activity really, while I was busy getting married, raising a teenage daughter and then starting a new family of 2 boys. Adding almost 20kg to my frame, my wife & I decided it was time we both took control of our health before it was too late. Shainey hit the gym, I hit the bush
The weight simply fell off, I became fit again, albeit a number of old injuries re-surfacing, my orthopaedic doc advised against running, the physio reckons a shoulder shave could be in order... but hey! that's what glucosamine is for right?

Youth to 30 saw me compete in triathlon, surfing, surf life saving (beach sprinter namely and not bad on the paddle board), and outrigger canoeing (which took me to the Whitsundays, Tahiti and Hawaii... tough gig).
Now in my 40's adventure racing provides mental stimulation beyond any sport to date, I love the navigation, I like the point scoring aspect and in rogaine style racing how you have no idea who is winning until the control cards are handed in. The camaraderie is fantastic and the race environments are breathtaking and certainly challenging.

Come aboard!