It is while traveling with theater groups, performing his solos, singing in music venues, cafes-theater and festivals, that Daniel Rovai creates the following line-up. Those virtuoso musicians bring to Daniel a solid musical support and personalized arrangements made on measure. Together they revisits the rich repertoire of French pop, Latin jazz, folk and classic. They also play hits from Italy, Spain and England and form the perfect band for parties and concerts. 

The wonderful Roberto Haliffi       

Ralph Derrijk            Saxophone                   & Percussions


        Stan Haywood: Keyboards, clarinet, vocals. Born in the UK. Member of the New Vaudeville Band known for their hit 'Winchester Cathedral' in the late sixties. Moves to Holland in 1973 with the Friends Roadshow and becomes Jango Edwards back-up pianist. He has since composed and plays with various theater groups and bands such as Pigeon Drop or Loose Ends. He joins up with Daniel in 1997


      Lorand Sarna: guitar, clarinet, vocals. Born in New York. Then lives in San Francisco, Montreal, Tokyo, Paris, and Amsterdam which explains his great musical diversity. Co-founder of the Gweek City Juke Box, Lorand joins the group in 1998 and brings with him his unique guitar style.

James Sernesky: Trumpet, drums, percussions, vocals. In 1977 he arrives from Canada to Europe with The Great Salt Lake Mime Troup. Original member of Amsterdam Jazz Band Available Jelly, he also works with Jango Edwards for many years, and recorded with Mathilda Santing. He joined Daniel in 1997.


 Also on occasional events and special nights or concerts



                      Christine Klein                         Bryan Leywand                                  vocals                                  Bass guitar       


                   And the great Diva       

Nadja Filtzer                                           



Compilation Video

Roaring 20s and 40s with Nadja Filtzer and Jeans Lima Dos Santos