Check out these recommendations...

I love cookbooks, here is a list of some of my favorite Cajun and Creole cookbooks that are available through Amazon. Be sure to check out the ones with used prices. I have bought many used cookbooks since they are so cheap. Also I feel I am sharing something with some other cook out there somewhere, wait a minute... they sold or gave these away. Ok, just buy them because they are cheap. Enjoy!
This is my absoloute favorite
book, I highly recommend it.
This is Chef Besh's new
book, it should be great.
This was the first book I
ever bought, you should too!
This is a beautiful coffee table
sized cookbook by Chef Folse.
This book is by a real Cajun
lady cook Eula Mae Doré.
The most valuable piece of
cookware I own, you must get one.

Chef Susan Spicer, of Bayona
in New Orleans, cookbook.
From one of my top two restaurants, 
by the late Chef Jamie Shannon.
Here's a great standard book
of Cajun home recipes.
Gumbo is one of my favorites, this book has Gumbo recipes by great chefs.
This is Leah's Chase's cookbook
from the Dooky Chase restaurant..
This is great for frying your Turducken
or berlin' some dem Crawfish.
This is the neatest little book
that celebrates all that is the GUMBO.
This is a great, cheap little book
of standard Cajun and Creole recipes.
Great seafood recipes by
great New Orleans' chefs.
One of the best! Marcelle Bienvenu's
awesome book. Don't miss it!
This is the book 2 of the above, 
Marcelle is incredible.
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