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Presentation at Internet2 Joint Techs by Indiana University

posted Jan 25, 2012, 11:41 AM by Christian Esteve Rothenberg   [ updated Feb 14, 2012, 11:36 AM ]

Great agenda put together in the Internet2 Joint Techs!

Among many interesting topics around networking technology research networks experiments, design and operations, there is a presentation on OpenFlow/SDN by NEC.

Two presentations from Indiana University colleagues on RouteFlow:
Ronald explains the main challenges faced by real OpenFlow demos over a shared infrastructure. Worth to see how to use FlowVisor to slice your OpenFlow network. You will see the configuration used for the SC11 SRS demo of RouteFlow.

Chris has put a nice set of slides explaining RouteFlow core functionality, the path ahead on new abstractions and GUI that simplify network management, and future work on RouteFlow. More on this in an upcoming post on the exciting outlook for 2012.

Thanks to Ronald, Chris, and Matt Davy (plus all involved team members) to not only spread the OpenFlow word but also show case running code such as RouteFlow!