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Happy one year of the open-source RouteFlow project!

posted Apr 23, 2012, 8:07 PM by Christian Esteve Rothenberg
days since 
Project Launch !!! :)

I just realized that, coinciding with our second demo at ONS, RouteFlow has made its first year of being an open-source initiative!

There is no better time to pull some visitor numbers and comment on the past 365 days:

 Visits: 11,859 
 Unique Visitors: 5,241 
 Pageviews: 24,153

From over 1,100 cities of 90+ countries all over the globe!

Visits per city   
Distribution of page visitors per city (left) and country (right) over one year.

Our estimates of downloads of the full pre-configured VMs indicates more than 1,000 downloads.
Github statistics became available only recently and indicate an increasing user base.

Despite these good numbers, it has been a great year! We demoed RouteFlow over commercial hardware at SuperComputing and participated in both ONS events. We have established a number of collaborators in the academic and service provider domains, and have good expectations on increasing this network and see real use cases in operation!

We would like to thank the many types of contributions received so far, from those reporting bugs to those providing the fixes, defining requirements and envisioning real-world use cases for RouteFlow deployments. 
Highlights of recent collaborations include:

Successfully "closed":
    • Web-based UI & Internet 2 HW pilot [C. Small, Indiana]
    • Aggregated BGP Routing Service [C. Corrêa, Unirio]
    • SNMP plugin [J. Stringer, Google]
    • Optimal BGP best path reflection [R. Raszuk, NTT-MCL]
    • OpenFlow v1.1 and v1.2 [w/ Ericsson]
    • Open Label Switched Router [OSRF; Google]
There are a number of scenarios that we believe are worth to explore, including , multi-path, Fast-ReRoute, BGP-Sec, IPv6, high-availability, etc.
We welcome researchers interested in any topic around split routing architectures to validate their ideas on top of RouteFlow!
We are glad that already two MSc thesis students (@UNIRIO, @UNICAMP) completed their thesis work around RouteFlow. A number of students are following the same path! 

We are looking for new project extensions to continue a committed development of RouteFlow. Moreover, we hope to be able to announce soon more pilots, operational scenarios and official project collaborations. 

Finally, we shall not forget to thank our funding sources: RouteFlow is partially supported by the Experimental High-Speed Network Project – GIGA, which is supported by the Brazilian Financing Agency for Studies and Projects (FINEP).