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Demo in ONS 2012 releases new RouteFlow architecture

posted Apr 23, 2012, 12:50 PM by Christian Esteve Rothenberg   [ updated Apr 23, 2012, 7:57 PM ]
We had a great week at the Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2012 edition! Our demo booth in collaboration with Indiana University was very packed and we had great discussions with existing and prospective users, including new service provider use cases!

Do not miss the presented material (once available) around OpenFlow/SDN and the follow-up discussions in twitterland.

In addition to the well-known interest in the datacenter arena, I would highlight Google´s presentation on their OpenFlow deployment in the WAN to re-architecture their G-scale backbone interconnecting their datacenters.
Pay attention to the presentations by Urs Hoelze and Amin Vahdat and watch for the glue between Quagga routing engines and the OpenFlow domain!
The world has finally seen a real operational SDN at production scale -- including subsecond reconvergence using tunnels and IS-IS and very neat work on dynamic, applciation-tailored traffic engineering!

After one year of going public with RouteFlow, time for evolution has come! We have developed a new version of RouteFlow that includes the contributions from users and the needs of real deployments and user-defined routing services. An upcoming post will detail what is new in the new RouteFlow architecture, but, fundamentally we have re-written the IPC to include a NoSQL datastore (e.g. MongoDB) to let the 3 RF components communicate via  extensible JSON-based messages (i.e. RouteFlow protocol). In order to reflect the new changes and their actual role, the envisioned extensibility of the RF-Slaves, the multi-controller support (POX is on the way) and the potential Master/Slave deployments, we have renamed two components as follows:
RF-Slave -> RF-Client
RF-Controller-> RF-Proxy

The code of the new architecture has been available for some time in a branch and will become soon the main stream code base. Find below links to the resources and ONS demo material:

Code: New design architecture in the NewRouteFlow github branch

Poster: ONS 2012 version

Abstract: Official ONS demo abstract (in collaboration with Indiana University)

Video: Presentation at the ONS 2012 Engineer Tutorial session


- We know! There is room for improving our multimedia presentation skills :)

Introduction to RouteFlow, new design and demo for ONS tutorial