You can download the code from the RouteFlow GitHub repository:

$ git clone

You can also download a pre-configured VM containing everything that is needed to test RouteFlow (Open vSwitch, MongoDB, RouteFlow and pre-configured LXC containers):

Once you start the VM, you only need to point your OpenFlow switches (e.g., Mininet) to the controller IP address and port in the VM.
Detailed instructions are provided in the README files in the VM package and in the RouteFlow folder.

We also have detailed explanations of tests 1 and 2 provided in the latest RouteFlow distribution:
  1. Your first RouteFlow "network" - HOWTO
  2. NEW! 4-Router network with dynamic routing protocols (Quagga OSPF)

Note that the instructions above are a bit dated (they only work in the older version of RouteFlow), but the simulated environments remain the same, so they should provide useful information.