dungeon siege "u5 lazarus" camera mod patch

this is a patch for the game "dungeon siege" that adds camera controls to the options menu in the game.  this will allow you to (among other things) look up in dungeon siege.

this mod was put together from bits of the "dungeon siege revived" mod, and is here distributed by roughboy for use in the d.s. mod "u5 lazarus".


if you're in a hurry

and you just want the files:click here to download u5l_looking_up_v2.zip

frequently asked questions

will this work with my current save games?

are there compatibility issues with this patch?

what about performance issues?
well, i've got a 256 mb P4 2.0 Ghz and it runs fine. you'll just have to see how it works for you. if the game's already running slowly on your machine you might not want to push it with this. personally, i haven't found it to make much of a difference.

if the map's not made for looking up, won't it look like crap and be all buggy when i look up at things?
not as far as i'm concerned. judge for yourself - (screen shots at the bottom of the page). i played the entire game using the mod and found that it did nothing but enhance the experience. the only time it really looks weird is when you look up while inside a building. so don't, if a little weirdness frightens you. and it's quite easy to shut this mod off once it's installed.

what about us mac users?
since this mod uses a .dsdll, it will not work on the mac version of dungeon siege. there may be other ways to free the camera on the mac, though. good luck.

important notes

once you have installed this mod and are in the game, you must pull up options -> game -> more, there you'll find the new camera controls. drop that min azimuth setting down and you'll be lookin' up.

some people are getting bitten by a little lazarus bug that makes the options menu keep popping up on all main menu selections. to avoid this, bring the options menu up after loading your save game (or "journeying onward"!!)

files (and where to put them)

click here to download u5l_looking_up_v2.zip

"camera_mod.dsres" goes into your lazarus/resources folder;

"ikkyo.dsdll" goes into your dungeon siege executable folder - that is wherever the file "dungeonsiege.exe" is located (the default is "c:\program files\microsoft games\dungeon siege\");

"dbghelp.dll" also goes in your dungeon siege executable folder (you may already have this one).

(minor) fog reduction trick

dropping the maximum camera distance setting down has a side-effect of decreasing distance fog without a perceptible decrease in framerate.

before and after shots: