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Schools / Bookshops talks

Having made her books from scratch, Helene Averous comes to the schools or bookshops to explain to the children how her books came into reality;

-  from which ideas,

-  what are the steps to make a paper book,

-  who works on it during the process,

-  what are the obstacles, the doubts, and why it succeeds.

In support of this presentation, she comes with

-  drawing boards to explain the process of choosing the illustrations of a picture book (why this illustration was not included in the book and why this one was chosen),

-  the proofs of the book that show that the book is printed on three pieces of paper only.

Another aspect that can be developed during the talk is the one of colours. Why did she choose this theme and what does a colour mean for us? This is the subject of those books which has been simplified so that it speaks to small children. And this subject is vast and exciting!

Helene has already done some presentations in several local and international schools in Singapore and in the French schools of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

If you are interested in more information about her talks or the 

possibility to make her come into your class or shop or library, 

please contact Helene at  helene@thefourthrevolution.org