A Great Man Lost, But His Legacy Lives On

Adam Renner, the Rouge Forum Community Coordinator, has died at 40.

Adam was a wonderful friend, teacher, writer, musician, martial artist, and honest, caring man. His courage had taken remarkable forms--from being willing to sacrifice to help others, to always learning, and altering his views, on the path to discover what is true in order to make the world a little better. What could be a more powerful legacy?

As an educator, author, and friend, Adam embodied the interaction of ethical theory and determined practice.

His skills as the Rouge Forum Community Coordinator were exemplary--from gently moving along a meeting when it needed to move, to organizing the Louisville Forum, to editing the Rouge Forum News, and, above all, being key to forming a caring community where people could bring differing views, share them, and feel not only sane, but valued: family.

We offer our deep sympathy to Adam’s wife, Gina Stiens.

Services have been held.

We have created this site to recognize the many amazing things our friend Adam Renner has accomplished.  If you have documents you would like added, please upload it here or email us at rougeforum@pipeline.com.

The Rouge Forum is a group of educators, students, and parents seeking a democratic society.