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The RotatorMaster Set Up Instructions

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Here are the Written Instructions For Setting Up Your  RotatorMaster and OUGO Browser for PPC Appraisal.

(earn money  just by leaving you computer on...) 


Step 1. Bookmark this site.

(add this site to your favorites so that you can come back if you have any set up problems later)

Step 2. Click link below and fill out the form:

Note: Don’t let the boring looking site discourage you,
once you are set up, it’s great fun watching your income
rise every day for doing nothing!


Step 3. Where it says Company Name put: RotatorMaster


Step 4. For url put:


Step 5. For TAX ID put: N/A


Step 6. Fill the rest out normally.


Step 7. Click register


Step 8. Now login (it can take a couple of minutes before you are activated .
Don't forget to confirm the email!
You will be taken to the menu.


Step 9. Here your URLs are listed.


Step 10. Now download OUGO (it’s a special
browser and the heart of this program)



OUGO Auto Browser  (.exe)

OUGO Auto Browser  (.zip)


Save it and install by double clicking the file.

 This really is a fantastic little browser, it just runs in the background and
earns you money.


(After you have this  running for a while go to your RotatorMaster account and click on
statistics and your money grow….excellent!!)
(statistics updated every 24 hours)


 Step 10. Copy your Portal URL which is the one listed on the page.
It should look like this: 
(make sure you put in your ID)


Step 11. Run OUGO browser by clicking the shortcut on your desktop.


 Step 12. Go to Tools, Developers, Analyst, Act and then SETUP.


 Step 13. On the lower left side click APPEND.  A popup window will open.


Step 14. Type: Set1 as the name and hit okay.

Now the small window on the left you should have Set1 in it.


 Step 15. Paste your Portal URL (from step 10) into the large window on the right and hit okay
(make sure that the cursor isn’t on the second line).


Step 16. Go to to Tools, Developers, Analyst, and select 6 (at the bottom)

This will open up 6 separate search engine browsers, so
instead of just getting paid from 1 at a time it pays you
for 6 at a time!

 The OUGO program will start clicking on the search


In case you shut the program or boot your computer, open the OUGO browser, go to Tools/Developers/Analyst and hit six to start it all up again.


 Do not touch any other settings.



You're done!


Once you get this set up you can minimize the window and go
about whatever you normally do.


Just remember to check now and then to see if the program is still running okay.


In case you shut the program or boot your computer, open the OUGO browser, go to Tools/Developers/Analyst and hit six to start it all up again.


Remember I'll be releasing a step by step video tutorial on how to set everything up later today. Simply go to my blog - Affiliate Response - to watch the video.

 Feel free to use all of the information on this page to
refer others. Make sure you change my URL to yours!