Food Plant Solutions

Food Plant Solutions has been developed to make people aware of the food available to them within their region that is more beneficial than introduced crops.  It helps people in developing countries learn about and grow the best local food to meet their nutritional needs.

Many local plants are superior to introduced western or monoculture foods.  They also thrive because they are adapted to their own local conditions.  It is based on the work of Tasmanian Agricultural Scientist, Bruce French, who has developed the world's most comprehensive data base of edible plants.  Over 30 years of work has produced a resource of over 20,000 edible plants, including scientific and common names, photos and drawings, information on how to grow, nutritional information and how the plants can be prepared and eaten.

Rotary can, through this program, reduce malnutrition, illness, disease and child mortality caused by nutritional deficiencies.  The object is to assist developing communities to Learn about, and Grow, in their own backyards, the best local food plants that match their nutritional needs.

The Rotary Club of Devonport North has introduced this program to the world through Rotary International.  In partnership with Food Plants International, the program has been initiated in the Solomon Islands.  The Food Plants Solutions committee is focused on encouraging Rotary at Club and District level to assist by engaging as partners  in programs through fundraising, bringing external fundraisers on board, identifying and launching programs within their own target country.  It is simple for clubs to incorporate Learn Grow into existing or new aid projects.

Rotary can identify the deficiencies in the population and Food Plant Solutions can provide the information.  At an individual level, Rotarians can join the proposed Food Plant Solutions Rotarian Action Group (RAG) being developed to support this program and become part of the International network supporting the delivery of programs in developing countries throughout the world.

Support material in the form of an Information Kid that includes a short promotional DVD on Food Plant Solutions, a 20 minute Power Point Presentation, brochures, sample publications and instructions.

The video can be checked out on YouTube:

Major fundraisers are through the sale of a CD of Edible Plants of Tasmania, and a DVD of Food Plants of Australia and a Developing World Meal event for Rotary clubs.  Rotarians travelling to developing countries are invited to take photos of food plants, whether growing or in markets, and forward these to Bruce French and the Rotary Club of Devonport North.

Food Plant Solutions is a program to help people in developing countries overcome malnutrition and address food security.

Project of - Rotary Club of Devonport North - District 9830
PO Box 363, DEVONPORT, 7310, Tasmania, Australia