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2010-07-02 Leadership Exchange Ceremony July 02-04, 2010 18,00-24,00 Preveza, Greece Done 
2010-06-26 Chatrer Celebration of RC of Komotini-Rodopi   Komotini Done 
2010-06-24 DGs official visite to RCs of Thassos  Thassos-Potos Done 
2010-06-22 Rotary International Convention 20-24.06.2010 22-24.06.2010. Montreal, Canada Done 
2010-06-21 DGs official visite to RCs of Lesbos and Limnos  Lesbos Island Done 
2010-06-17 DGs Official Visite to RCs of Corfu June, 16-17, 2010  Corfu Done 
2010-06-15 15th Anniversary RC Skopje and Charter Ceremony RC Skopje-Kiril ana Metodije 20,00-24,00 Skopje Done 
2010-06-15 DG Official visite to RCs of Skopje, Skopje-Kamen Most and Skopje-Center  Skopje Done 
2010-06-11 Anniversary and Charter ceremony of Rotaract Club Nis-Naissus 19,00-24,00 Hotel PANORAMA LUX, Nis Done 
2010-05-21,22,23 District Conference 21-23.05.2010. 21.05. 18,00h - 23.05. 14,00h Belgrade Done 
2010-05-14 Cjharter Celebration of RC Stara pazova 18,00-24,000 Stara Pazova Done 
2010-04-24 Charter Ceremnony of NS Fruska Gora-Petrovaradin  Novi Sad Done 
2010-04-17 Charter Ceremony of RC Malo Crnice - Stig 12,00-19,00 Malo Crnice Done 
2010-04-12 and 13 PETS and DLTS for 2010-11 for Kosova 10.-11.04.  Prishtina Done 
2010-04-10 Charter ceremony of new RC of Kucura 18,00-24,00 Kucura Done 
2010-01-24 DG official visit to RCs of Drama, Serres, Serres-Sirris and Xanthi  Drama Done 
2009-12-05 DG Official visit to RC of Kragujevac, Kragujevac-Sumadija, TopolaOplenac, Jagodina and Morava-Cuprija 11,00-24,00 Kragujevac Done 
2009-11-28 Membership Seminar and Rotary Foundation seminar for Serbia and Montenegro (28-29.11.2009) 12,00-19,00 Novi Sad Done 
2009-11-14 Charter Anniversary & Charter Cermemony of Rotaract Club PROKUPLJE 19,00-24,00 Prokuplje Done 
2009-11-14 Charter Cerremony of Interact Club PIROT 16,00-18,00 Pirot Done 
2009-10-31 DG Official visit to RC of Nis, Nis-Constantine The Great, Nis-Centar and Nis-Naissus 14,00 - 24,00 Nis, Hotel ALEKSANDAR Done 
2009-10-29 Official Visite to RC Beograd 20,00-22,00h Hyat Regency, Belgrade Done 
2009-10-28 Official Visite to RC Podgorica and Meeting with Leadership Team MNE Zvanicna guvernerova poseta RC Podgorica i sastanak sa Leadership Teamom za CG Podgorica, CG Done 
2009-10-24/25 Membership Seminar for Serbia and Montenegro 12,00h 24.10. - 16,00h 25.10. Cacak Done 
2009-10-22 DG Official visit to RC of Zrenjanin, Sombor, Kula, and Backa Topola 17,00-24,00 Zrenjanin Done 
2009-10-17 **************** Membership Seminar (F.Y.R.of Macedonia and Kosovo)  Prilep Done 
2009-10-16 *********** Charter ceremony of new RC Bitola Sirok-Sokak 18,00-24,00h Bitola Done 
2009-10-03 ************** Charter Ceremony of RC Prishtina-International 18,00-24,00 Prishtina Done 
2009-09-26 *************** Charter Ceremony of RC Bgd-Dedinje 19,00h Aero-Klub Belgrade Done 
2009-09-26 LIDO - fammily day RC ZEMUN 10,00h LIDO, Belgrade Done 
2009-09-22 Klupska Slava RC Topola-Oplenac 20,00 Topola Done 
2009-09-21 Klupska Slava and Charter Anniversary RC Jagodina 20,00 Jagodina Done 
2009-09-18 *************** Charter Ceremony of RC Kanjiza-MagyarKanjiza 19,00-24,00 Kanjiza Done 
2009-09-12 HIPODROM  Pancevo Done 
2009-09-07 DGs meeting with ADGs in FYR of Macedonia  Skopje Done 
2009-09-05/06 MultiClub Event AHERON 05-06.09.2009.and DGs meeting with greek Clubs  Preveza Done 
2009-09-02/03 Official DGs vistie to RCs in Kosovo  Prishtina Done 
2009-08-29 Leadership Team Meeting (Serbia) 12,00-15,00 Belgrade, Marina VIDRA Done 
2009-06-27 District Assembly, Induction Ceremony 12,00h- 24,00h "Hyat Regency" hotel, Belgrade Done 
2009-06-20/21/22/23/24 Rotary Convention  Birmingham Done 
2009-05-21 Meeting with Club Leaders and Leadership Team 09-10 17h-19h Paracin Done 
2009-05-20 Meeting with Club Leaders and Leadership Team 09-10 17h-19h Belgrade Done 
2009-05-18 Meeting with Club Leaders and Leadership Team 09-10 17h-19h Backa Topola Done 
2009-04-24/25/26 District Conference, D2481  "Macedonia Palace" hotel Thessaloniki Done 
2009-04-11 P.E.T.S. for F.Y.R.O.M. and Kosova (under UNMIK)  Ohrid Done 
2009-04-04 P.E.T.S. for Serbia, and for Montenegro  Subotica, hotel "Galerija" Done 
2009-03-21 District Leadship Team Training Seminar for F.Y.R.O.M. and Kosova (under UNMIK)  Kavadarci Done 
2009-03-13/14/15 P.E.T.S. N.Greece National part  Volos Done 
2009-03-07 District Leadship Team Training Seminar for Serbia, Montenegro 11,00h - 17,00h "Hyat Regency" hotel, Belgrade Done 
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