Welcome to the Rotarian Peace Hall of Fame

Please join us for a reception and book signing by Barbara Winton on November 13th at the Illinois Holocaust Museum.  A light meal will be served from 4:30 - 6:30.  Barbara Winton will discuss her biography of her father, Sir Nicolas Winton, beginning at 6:30.  One of "Nicky's Children"- Renata Laxova, will also be at the event.

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Net Proceeds Benefit the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

“These great Rotarians who have risked all to help others 
history should be a beacon of hope to all of humanity.”

the Hall's first inductee.

Rotarians are often instruments of peace.  We are seeking nominations for the
Rotarian Peace Hall of Fame.  

The Rotarian Peace Hall of Fame committee needs your help to identify Rotarian Peacemakers who created and are creating peace.  We will ensure these Rotarians are recognized and their deeds not forgotten.  These exemplary people will be enshrined on the Rotarian Peace Hall of Fame Commemorative Plaque, currently located in the Special Exhibitions Hall of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, located in Skokie, Illinois, USA, 9 km (6 miles) from Rotary International’s worldwide headquarters in Evanston, Illinois.  

Rotarian Peacemaker Nominees: guidelines and requirements
1. Helped create or is creating peace.   
2.  Is or was a Rotarian.  
3.  Completed nomination form, including the following information:
1. Nominees prevented or resolved civil unrest or armed conflicts through peaceful means, and/or relieved suffering during civil unrest or armed conflict.    Could be in the past or currently.

a. Organizational:  Created, led and/or a member of an organization whose mission is peace including peace education.  Examples are Rotarians who helped create the United Nations.

b. Human relief:  Relieved individual suffering, perhaps even saved lives, during civil unrest or armed conflict.  This may have been done at great personal cost and sacrifice.  Perhaps their lives were put in jeopardy if their actions were discovered by the local authorities.  Perhaps  “Service above Self” cost them their lives.  An exemplary example of individual peace effort is Rotarian Sir Nicholas Winton who saved over 600 at-risk children from the Nazis.

c. Conflict resolution:  Rotarians are continually building bridges between people of different nations, religions, ethnicities, and races.  These bridges sometimes resolve civil unrest and armed conflict to create peace that lasts a few weeks or even a lifetime.  Examples are the creators of “Days of Tranquility,” a temporary cessation of armed conflict that enables vital polio immunizations of non-combatants to be conducted.  

2. Nominees must be or have been a Rotarian.  They may have become a Rotarian after their peace deeds, such as Rotarian Sir Nicholas.  Perhaps they are or were Rotarians prior to or during the act, such as those who helped establish the United Nations.  These peacemakers may have conducted their deeds in an official or professional capacity, or as an individual effort.