SERVICE TIME NOTES with salary adjustments:

(Note: A service year is 172 days; a full season lasts 183 days. Players will make 1/183rd of their salary for each day they are in the major leagues.)

Byung Ho Park can earn $750,000 annually based on plate appearances.
$75,000 at 450 PAs; $100,000 at 475, 500 and 525 PAs; $175,00 at 550 PAs and $200,000 at 600 PAs.

Craig Breslow can earn $1,050,000 based on appearances.
$150,000 at 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 games (according to Mike Berardino).

Brandon Kintzler can earn $125,000 based on appearances.
$25,000 at 45, 50 and 55 games; $50,000 at 60 games (according to Mike Berardino).

Ervin Santana and Byung Ho Park have awards incentives (Pioneer Press).

Glen Perkins's team option: 2018 at $6.5 million ($.7m buyout).
Ricky Nolasco's team option: 2018 at $13 million ($1m buyout). Becomes player option with 400 combined IP in 2016-2017.
Ervin Santana's team option: 2019 at $14 million ($1m buyout), vests with 400 combined IP in 2017-2018, including 200 IP in 2018.
Byung Ho Park's team option: 2020 at $6.5 million ($.5m buyout).

Manager: Paul Molitor (2015-current: Twins manager; 2014: Twins coach; 2005-2013: Twins minor league coach; 2004: Seattle hitting coach; 2000-2001: Twins coach; Hall of Famer)
Hitting Coach: James Rowson (2017: Twins hitting coach; 2014-2016, 2008-2011: Yankees minor league hitting coordinator; 2012-2013: Cubs hitting coach; 2006-2007 Yankees minor league hitting coach; 2002-2005 Angels minor league hitting coach)
Pitching Coach: Neil Allen (2015-current: Twins pitching coach; 2007-2014: Tampa Bay minor league pitching coach; former major leaguer)
Bench Coach: Joe Vavra (2015-current: Twins bench coach; 2013-2014: Twins 3rd base coach; 2006-2012: Twins hitting coach; 2002-2005: Twins minor league field coordinator; 2001: UW Stout Manager; 1987-2000: Dodgers, various roles; former minor leaguer) 
3rd Base Coach/Infield Instructor: Gene Glynn (2015-current: Twins 3rd base coach; 2012-2014: Rochester Manager; 1994-2006: base coach, various teams; former minor leaguer)
1st Base Coach: Jeff Smith (2017: Twins 1st base coach; 2015-2016, 2008-2009: Fort Myers Manager; 2010-2014: New Britain Manager; 2006-2007: Cedar Rapids Manager; 2005: GCL Twins Manager; former minor leaguer)
Major League Coach/Coordinator of Major League Development: Jeff Pickler (2017-current: Twins coach; previously served in various front office/scouting roles)
Asst. Hitting Coach: Rudy Hernandez (2015-current: Twins Asst. Hitting Coach; 2013-2014, 2011, 2009: GCL hitting coach; 2012, 2010: New Britain hitting coach; 2005-2008: Beloit hitting coach; 2004: Indy coach; 2002-2003: GCL Twins manager; 2001: Elizabethton manager; former minor leaguer)
Bullpen Coach: Eddie Guardado (2015-current: Twins Bullpen Coach; former major leaguer)
Bullpen Catcher:
Manager: Mike Quade (2015-current: Rochester Manager; ...)
Hitting Coach: Chad Allen (2016-current: Rochester hitting coach; ...)
Pitching Coach: Stu Cliburn (2016-current, 2006-2008: Rochester pitching coach, ...)
Manager: Jake Mauer (2013-2016: Cedar Rapids Manager; 2010-2012: Fort Myers Manager; 2008-2009: GCL Twins Manager; 2006-2007: GCL Twins Coach; former minor leaguer)
Hitting Coach: 
Pitching Coach: Ivan Arteaga
Manager: Doug Mientkiewicz (2015-2016: Chattanooga Manager; 2013-2014: Fort Myers Manager; 2012: Ogden Raptors Hitting Coach; former major leaguer)
Hitting Coach: Jim Dwyer (2006-2015: Fort Myers hitting coach; 1997-2005: Twins minor league roving hitting instructor; 1995-1996: New Britain hitting coach; former major leaguer)
Pitching Coach: Henry Bonilla (2016: Fort Myers pitching coach; 2015: Cedar Rapids pitching coach; 2014: Elizabethton pitching coach; 2013: GCL pitching coach; former minor leaguer)
Manager: Tommy Watkins
Hitting Coach: Brian Dinkelman (2016: Cedar Rapids hitting coach; 2015: GCL hitting coach; former major leaguer)
Pitching Coach: JP Martinez (2016: Cedar Rapids pitching coach; 2015: GCL pitching coach; former minor leaguer)
Manager: Ray Smith (19xx-present: Elizabethton Manager)
Hitting Coach: Jeff Reed (xxxx-present: Elizabethton Hitting Coach)
Pitching Coach: Luis Ramirez (2015: Elizabethton Pitching Coach; 2014: GCL coach; 2013: Venezuelan Academy)
Manager: Ramon Borrego
Hitting Coach: 
Hitting Coach: 
Pitching Coach: Virgil Vasquez (2015-2016: GCL pitching coach; former minor leaguer)
Pitching Coach: 
Field Coordinator: Joel Lepel
Pitching Coordinator: Eric Rasmussen
Infield and Baserunning Coordinator: Sam Perlozzo
Special Assistant: Tom Kelly
Hitting Coach: Tony Oliva