Academic Papers


Older Versions of Dissertation Chapters
2013 “By How Much Did Railroads Conquer the West?”, 2013 EHA version, 2013 World Congress of Cliometrics version, 2013 EHA research proposal version or older 2012 RMIHC version 
2013 “Orthogonalization of Categorical Data Using a Hyperspherical Coordinates Transformation”, 2013 WSSA conference version and 2013 WSSA slides
2012 “Is There Any Space for Comparative Advantage in the Gravity Model?”, oral comprehensive exam version and slides

2010 “The Role of China in Asia: Engine, Conduit, or Steamroller?” in The Future of Emerging Asian Growth with the Emergence of China, Linda Yueh (ed.), Taylor and Francis, Abingdon, Oxon, UK. With Jane Haltmaier, Shaghil Ahmed, Brahima Coulibaly, Sylvain Leduc, Mario Marazzi, and Beth Anne Wilson. IFDP working paper version.

Unpublished Research
2012 "By how much has Colorado's employment composition changed 2001-2010?", for the Colorado State Demography Office. An application of my Law of Cosines Distance Metric. 
2011 “What Is the Optimal Export Bundle for Developing Countries?”, research proposal
2007 “The Impact of Commodity Prices on Current Accounts”, Special Topic Briefing for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, as the Research Assistant to Mario Marazzi, Class I FOMC - Restricted Controlled (FR) material
2006 "Recession and Cultural Change in Japan", (undergraduate thesis) 2006 WSSA conference version