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I've owned and restored a lot of cars over the years. Here are just a small sample of my favorite ones and pictures. I've never in my life bought a running car, nor spent more than $900 initially. My first three cars in high school were $200, $250 and $300, respectively. I still own every car that has ever been registered under my name, and the only car I've ever given up on is the Porsche.

My First car, 1989 Grand Am. Picture is when the wheel fell off on Spring Break, in my Junior year of college.

My second car: a 1984 Volvo 242 GLT Turbo. Lots of performance mods to bring it up to about 300hp. Restored this in high school and it had been sitting in the shed for about 3 years when this was taken, around 2008.

A high school project that was too ambitious: a stripped 1966 Porsche 912. I wanted to put the body on a 1986 Fiero chassis that I had lying around, but I was off at college and project was too daunting. I finally sold the body for scrap in late 2011.

My backpacker's van in New Zealand, Blue. This van not only seated six comfortably, but also had a full size mattress in the back - not a fold-down or piece-together, but a full-time mattress behind the second row of seats. Picture is when I bought it in 2004.

One of my campsites:

My current and dream car: a 1996 Volvo 855R. Wanted this car ever since I was in 8th grade and my uncle had a 1996 Volvo 850 Platinum. 

This picture is of my brother's 1985 Camaro IROC-Z. He owned this car in high school but got into too much trouble, so he sold it back to the car's original owner. In 2008 just before fall finals, he found it for sale in Wyoming. Scott Hiller and I took a short road trip to pick it up, and my brother is now the car's 3rd and 6th owner.

My current project car: a 1993 Eurovan Westfalia. Took off from school for one weekend in February 2011 to pick it up in Arizona. I drove over 2000 miles in 72 hours; dropped it off at my parent's house, and made it back for classes Monday morning. It's going to be an amazing camping vehicle.

Lastly, I restore 1994-2000 Volvos. Here is a picture when I had several of them together.